23-Yr-Old Woman Who Had 11 Biological Children Plans To Have Over 100 With Millionaire Husband

Hanima Anand |Mar 10, 2021

Despite their big age gap, the couple see eye to eye on the number of kids they want to have with each other, as many as possible. The number 105 is what they’re planning.

The world never lets us down with its unbelievable stories. When kids are the nightmare of many couples, a young woman in Russia has plans to produce up to 105 children with her old husband. She is Christina Ozturk, a 23-year-old mom of 11.

11 children at the age of 23

Christina Ozturk grew up in Moscow, Russia. She gave birth to her first daughter at the age of 17. After several years living as a single mom, Christina met her millionaire husband Galip Ozturk who is 56 already. He lived in Georgia, USA, and is the owner of a hotel business.

Christina Ozturk With Husband
Christina Ozturk with her millionaire husband at their living room

Calling their love at first sight, Christina and Galip found that both of them wanted to have as many kids as possible. Christina described her wealthy husband as a fairytale prince while Galip compared her to an uncut diamond with a pure heart.

The couple then decided to hire surrogate mothers to produce babies as soon as possible. Their first son Mustafa was born in March 2020. Ten months after that, their tenth child Olivia was also introduced to the world.

Christina had a very strict routine for her 11 children. They would sleep from 8 pm to 6 am every night while the family nannies kept a record of each.

Christina Ozturk With 11 Kids Photo 1
During 10 months of 2020, she welcomed 10 babies from different surrogate mothers.

Sharing about their next plan, the 23-year-old mother said the couple had discussed having more than 100 children together, perhaps 105. They were not sure how many kids they would have eventually but they didn’t plan to stop at 10.

The process to choose surrogate mothers

In fact, Christina and Galip planned to have a baby every year in the normal way but realized her reproductive ability couldn’t meet that demand. They opted for surrogacy with the cost of around $9,707 for each baby.

The couple worked with a clinic in Batumi to choose healthy surrogate mothers. Only young women who were at least pregnant before and didn’t have bad habits were chosen. Then these surrogate mothers would attend psychological counseling to prepare themselves for the fact of giving up baby immediately after delivery.

Christina Ozturk With 11 Kids Photo 2
She doesn't mind taking care of all babies by herself, with support from nannies.

Christina and her husband avoided communicating with surrogate mothers. They didn’t have contacts of these women and vice versa. The clinic took full responsibility for the process.

After signing the necessary paperwork, surrogate mothers would be monitored health indicators and follow a strict diet to ensure the baby got sufficient nutrition. Christina and Galip only kept track of the test results after each period.

Though the process seemed flawless, one of the surrogate mothers wanted to keep the baby. However, she had no right to keep it because it was genetically from the couple.

Christina Ozturk With 11 Kids Photo 3
One of the surrogate mothers wanted to keep the baby but she couldn't.

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A strict daily childcare

Christina had several nannies to support taking care of her children but she claimed to spend most of the day caring for babies by herself. However, she admitted having many kids at this time was not practical, and taking care of them was much more difficult than she expected.

Christina Ozturk Nannies
She hired 11 nannies to look after 11 children but they would switch their in-charge babies from time to time.

When Christina was not with her babies, she gave strict instructions to nannies who were all professional.

“I teach each nanny independently when applying for a job - no amateur activity is allowed, the upbringing of children is strictly according to my instructions.

I give instructions on what to read to children, in what order and at what time and with what duration.”

She also forbids nannies to take her babies in their arms when they start crying. Instead, her children should be distracted to calm down.

Christina Ozturk First Daughter And Other Kids
Her eldest daughter loves taking care of other babies as well.

About their diets, “food is strictly according to grams - not a gram more, not a gram less.”

Thanks to her strict sleep training time, all the children go to bed "from 8 pm to 6 am without breaks". The couple then could enjoy watching movies or spending time with each other.

She commented on an Instagram post that her house is full of relaxation.

Christina Ozturk Photo
The beautiful 23-year-old mother of 11 children

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