Russian Woman Divorces Husband To Marry Step-son Who Knew Her Since He Was 7

Salena Harshini |Mar 08, 2021

Marina Balmasheva and Vladimir Shavyrin made headlines in Russia and over the world for their controversial relationship.

The Russian blogger made the world drop its jaw when she decided to end her 10-year marriage with her husband and got married to her step-son instead.

The lady, Marina Balmasheva, was 35 years old when she and her step-child Vladimir Shavyrin had their ceremony. Her marriage was very much discussed on social media and Marina was also under a lot of criticism.

Marina Balmasheva And Vladimir Shavyrin
The ex-husband had to witness her son and ex-wife get married. What a world1

Step-son is 14 years younger than her

For those who have not known, Balmasheva and the 21-year-old Vladimir are 14 years old apart. She shared that she fell for the young man after she and her former husband Alexei Array split ways.

Marina Balmasheva And Vladimir Shavyrin Age Differ
Marina Balmasheva and Vladimir Shavyrin were step-mom and step-son before they decided to get married.

As per a report of DailyMail, Marina Balmasheva and Vladimir Shavyrin met for the first time 14 years ago when the latter was only 7.

Marina and Vladimir’s father went down the aisle in 2007 and the boy lived with them since then. After a decade living together, she divorced him and then married her step-son only three years later.

Marina Balmasheva And Vladimir Shavyrin Wedding
They had a small ceremony at a restaurant.

That’s another reason why her decision to marry creates a great storm on the Internet.

The couple welcomed a baby girl

When she was pregnant, Marina Balmasheva and Vladimir Shavyrin showed up at the registry in plain clothes. They looked happy with their nuptial decision. After the trip, the two had a small celebration at a restaurant.

She also shared her weight loss journey. In this talk, Marina also revealed that she did plastic surgery in order to stay young and look attractive to her 14-year junior husband.

Marina Balmasheva Plastic Surgery
She underwent plastic surgery to look younger.

The Russian woman is quite famous on Instagram. She now has nearly 560k followers for her account. As the documentary on weight loss went viral, she also hit headlines everywhere. The latest pictures of their daughter also collected a lot of likes from followers.

She told an outlet,

“After the registry office, we dressed in typical wedding attire and enjoyed a nice reception at a local restaurant with several guests.”

Moreover, she added that their relationship is strong although they received diverse reactions upon their marriage news. Meanwhile, both of them admitted that they are not speaking to Marina’s ex-husband or the groom’s father.

Marina Balmasheva And Vladimir Shavyrin Son
The two welcomed their daughter in early 2021.

She said, “I think he does not like what we have done.”

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