Top 5 Free Fire Best Name 2020: The World Best Player Name Is Also Included

Salena Harshini |Dec 21, 2020

Check out the top 5 best players who made it to Free Fire best name 2020 and how they have been able to secure the titles this year.

Free Fire has witnessed a massive in-game player number as the audience changed to it after the PUBG Mobile ban. And among all the players, there has got to be the top player whose achievement is what others aspire to surpass.

As a lot of players are intrigued about the Free Fire best name 2020, here we will introduce you top 5 best world best Free Fire player name list 2020.

Free Fire
Check out Free Fire best name 2020 below!

1. Top Free Fire best name 2020 -  TSG Jash

The first to be mentioned in the list of the best name for Free Fire 2020 can be no one apart from TSG Jash of the TSG squad. He is touted as the top 1% world Free Frie player and he is able to easily hit the Heroic tier in any season.

TSG Jash is often compared to TSG Ritik. The latter is also in the squad and an amazing player.

Tsg Jash
TSG Jash is one of the most credited names in the world of Indian games, and Free Fire is among his strength

For the unknown, Jash is good at every game mode in Solo, Free Fire, Squad, Dou, Clash Squad. He can also score a lot of skills while secures a peak win rate. It is thanks to this Free Fire best name 2020 player that TSG Squad was named among the two Free Fire tams in India who were invited directly to the last year’s Free Fire Asia Invitation.

Free Fire ID of TSG Jash is 123643969

2. Rakesh00007

Rakesh00007 belongs to the BOSS guild. He has been engaged in 19,116 Squad games and won 5,945 games in total. It accounts for a win rate of 31,09%. Meanwhile, he also earned a flabbergasting number of 85,883 kills in Squad mode, making up a 6.52% of K/D ratio.

The game Rakesh00007’s most downside game mode is Dou made where his win rate is only 16.39% and a 3.99 K/D ratio. However, this still remains a record number that not a lot of other players can attain.

Rakesh00007 not only leads for his wins but also for being Free Fire best guild name 2020

The Free Fire best name 2020 is also a famous streamer whose Youtube channel having 600 thousand followers.

Free Fire ID of Sudip Sarkar is 97653930.

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3. Nayeem Alam

He is certainly one of the handiest Free Fire players considering the number of games he has played. Nayeem’s primary mode is the Squad and he has been in over 1,000 Squad plays every season. The frequency of him playing Solo and Duo is nothing compared to how much he played the Squad game.

Nayeem Alam
Nayeem Alam also has a stable rank among the best players

As of late, Nayeem Alam has played about 13,000 Squad matches and turned the winner of 3,000 matches with 53,000 kills. He has a win rate of 23.26% and K/S ratio of 5,53. In the meantime, he was only in 1,138 Solo matches with 161 wins and 1,768 matches with 408 wins.

Free Fire ID of Nayeem Alam is 206923045.

4. Sudip Sarkar

Sudip Sarkar is among the most familiar names with Free Fire streamers and pros. His Youtube channel, called Gyan Gaming, is currently collecting 5 million subscribers. Sudip is also experted at close-range fights thanks to his speed. But his most notable feature is his mindset in games.

Sudip Sarkar
Sudip Sarkar

The top best name for Free Fire 2020 usually chooses to find a different approach instead of getting head-on with fighting. His skills would give him the upper hand over his opponent and defeat them seamlessly. He usually uploads videos on Youtube every day and you may check some out to see whether you could take some tips from him.

Sudip played 27,536 Squad matches overall and had a surprising number of 103,829 kills, maintaining an impressive 5.44 K/D ratio.

Free Fire ID of Sudip Sarkar is 97653930.

5. Raistar

The last but not least Free Fire best name 2020 is Raistar who is an outstanding face in India’s Free Fire community. He is famous for the incredible speed as he plays games. As one of those in the world best Free Fire player name list 2020, he is so good that lots of people assumed he was using some cheat software. His Youtube channel now has over 2 million subscribers.


His precise aim and flash speed also make him a daunting opponent when it comes to close-range matches. Meanwhile, Raistar is a deadly silent fighter with a sniper rifle who could instantly put an end to his target from really far away with just a headshot.

If you have not known, the headshot ratio of Raistar is 63%. Known for his skills of fighting in mid-range combats, he is also a go-to name when it comes to Free Fire best guild name 2020

Free Fire ID of Raistar is 12022250.

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