Top 20 Most Traded Items In Old School RuneScape (OSRS) & How To Trade

Salena Harshini |Dec 15, 2020

As trading and selling are the highlight features of Old School RuneScape, here is top 20 most traded items OSRS you may want to know.

Old School RuneScape, or OSRS, is a popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Jagex. The game which has won the title of BAFTA Games Awards for EE Mobile Game of the Year has one of the most immense player numbers and one of its frequently asked functions is item trading. So to answer the question to the most traded items OSRS, we dedicate this article to you.

Old School Runescape1
Check out the most traded items OSRS below!

About Old School RuneScape

Before checking out the most traded items OSRS, let’s give this game a quick look.

OSRS was introduced on February 22, 2013, and upon its launch, the game was initially RuneScape’s August 2007 build. Nevertheless, it has given more engine support since then with new content and life quality updates most;y decided by in-game polls. In spite of owning a smaller development team along with a slower update schedule, OSRS has more players than RuneScape. It now has a mobile version of iOS and Android.

Old School Runescape
Old School RuneScape is a popular game among multiplayer online role-playing ones

Old School RuneScape functions similarly to RuneScape Classic and it can be played with one account which an individual plays the game’s main version but items, quests, and stats are separate, non-transferrable.

Most traded items OSRS

While selling and trading are among the most searched features of this game, many have been curious about the top traded items OSRS. So here are the top 20 most traded items OSRS for those who want to take some clues for their game experience.

Item Total trading
Chronotes 768.1m
Feather 461.1m
Spirit shards 372.7m
Arrow shaft 316.3m
Incandescent energy 298.7m
Headless arrow 260.6m
Rune arrowheads 214.0m
Fire rune 207.0m
Air rune 203.1m
Rune arrow 122.9m
Pure essence 114.6m
Water rune 113.4m
Earth rune 100.7m
Vial 97.7m
Body rune 77.9m
Nature rune 71.6m
Mind 66.5m
Blood rune 65.9m
Maple logs 65.7m
Vibrant energy 62.3m
Bank Old School Runescape
ORSR Grand Exchange most traded items have the total trading rate of millions

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How to trade in OSRS

Trading in OSRS means the act of items and gold exchange between players. It is among the oldest features of RuneScape and it may not be necessary to gameplay, this plays an important part in the OSRS community and is used by almost every player except Ironmen who can’t trade with players.

To get better prices and better items, trading with players will be nearly unavoidable. While direct trading has turned less frequent after Grand Exchange was introduced, it can be done in famous official trading worlds like World 302 (members) and World 301 (free players). So after learning about the most traded items OSRS, here is a clear instruction on how to trade in the game.

Old School Runescape3
Top traded items OSRS transaction cannot be undone, therefore it requires certainty

The OSRS trading process is fairly simple and comprises three stages:

1. Initiating the trade – choosing your desired partner

2. The first trade window – making your offers for the items to be traded

3. The second trade window – the final chance for you to ensure that you agree on the trade

* It is important for players to take note that trade is undoable and any transaction is final.

Initiating a trade

In order to trade with other players, one has to right-click the desired partner and select “Trade with”. The "Sending trade offer…” note will show up in the char box while “[play name] wishes to trade with you” will show up in the chatbox of the other player. That player must accept the offer by clicking on the message. A trade window will appear for each user when the invitation is accepted.

Old School Runescape2
Right-click on the desired character in case you want to carry out a trading

Meanwhile, if one trader among the two has a specific interface up like Equipment Stats, bank, or trading interface with another player, the chatbox will show a message that "Other player is busy at the moment." In case one of the players is an ironman, you will see that they “stand alone” message, which means they don’t trade.

Declined trades

When your trading partner declines their trade or does other actions that have them exiting the trading screen, you will get a notification seen as "Other player declined trade." This change was created in response to happening scams.

How to check if an item can be traded

  • Method 1: Make an attempt to withdraw it from the bank in the noted form. In case it cannot be withdrawn, it cannot be traded.

Method 1 doesn’t work with stackable items. Use method 2 below for stackable items.

Bank Old School Runescape
Make sure to check if your item is tradeable
  • Method 2: Check out the item’s price through Grand Exchange, Guide Price, or general store. When it says the player cannot sell this, it means it is untradeable with other users.

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