Zareen Khan Slams Body-shamers, Thanks Anushka For Showing Support

Imran Asif Fazal |Sep 04, 2019

The actress also revealed that she weighed 100 kilograms during her childhood days and has now lost over 50 kgs.

Actress Zareen Khan was brutally trolled for posting her photograph with stretch marks. Actress Anushka Sharma stood by her support and said that she is just perfect.

In an interview to a leading tabloid, Zareen Khan slammed netizens indulging in body shaming and thanked Anushka for showing her support.

Zareen Khan Gets Trolled For Showing Stretch Marks

Zareen Khan said, "Many people have double standards. On one hand, they criticize a celeb’s pictures on magazine covers and billboards, saying they are photoshopped. On the other hand, when someone posts a real picture, with all her imperfections, she is trolled."

Zareen Khan Hits Back At Body Shaming Trolls3
Image source: BizAsia

She further said, "As a teenager, I weighed over 100 kg and when you lose 50 kilos, your skin tends to get loose and leave stretch marks. I’m proud of what I have achieved. It’s not about becoming picture-perfect for people but for myself. This fitness journey made me the person I am today, a part of the film industry, and I feel blessed. And before I could reply to the trolls, several fans stood by me”.

After Zareen was trolled, actress Anushka Sharma came out in support of the Veer star and said that she is just perfect.

When asked to comment on Anushka's support, Zareen quipped, “That was very sweet of her since Anushka and I are not even friends. We’ve met each other briefly at social gatherings. It takes a strong woman to recognize another. I’ve come a long way in the journey, but I would still require photo-shopping. But I like to be the real me on social media.”


Zareen isn’t the first actress to be body-shamed, "I don’t know if they are disturbed or frustrated looking for solace on the social media. I’d certainly like to see the kind of bodies people posting such comments have. Thank God it’s a small section and you shouldn’t take them seriously. If you don’t take care of your body, you will collapse and end up in the hospital. You should do at least 30 minutes of exercise every day to keep fit."

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