These Zareen Khan Yoga Workout Photos Are Hotter Than Mumbai In May

Chandran |May 05, 2020

Zareen Khan yoga workout clip went viral last year. Let's read about her career while look at incredibly hot still cuts from the clip, together with photos of other occasions when she practiced yoga.

Hate story 3 actress Zareen Khan yoga workout routine has made its rounds on the internet some time ago. The 30-something Mumbai native enjoyed her healthy hobby and didn’t forget to include us in the process.

Zarine Khan Yoga Workout1
Zareen Khan is working all her muscles for this yoga session.

Zareen Khan was born on May 14, 1987, in Mumbai, to a Muslim family of Afghanistan descent. She often honors her heritage by wearing traditional clothes of her religion.

Zareen Khan Yoga workout 29
Despite her Islam background, she doesn't shy away from sexy concepts.

Often starred in movies in which she plays the role of an attractive woman, she opts for yoga as the exercise to keep her body in shape. Zareen Khan yoga workout became a popular routine for many women across the country.

Zareen Khan yoga workout
Yoga helps the actress to maintain her slim figure.

The multi-lingual actress can speak 5 languages in total. They include Hindi, Urdu, English, Marathi, and also Pashto - but only at an intermediate level.

Zarine Khan Yoga Workout N
Zareen grasps for air after exhales deeply.

Being a Muslim woman with a strong Islamic background, she encountered various difficulties in the casting process as well as discouragement from her family. This is due to the nature of many movies that she has starred in - Sultry and Sexy.

Zareen Khan yoga workout 5
Zareen's career choice met with discouragements from her family.

Oppositions did not just come from within her family members. In an interview, Khan said:

“Not everybody is going to like me and I’m ok with that. There are a lot of Muslim fans who have been giving me a lot of hate in the name of religion. The only thing I want to tell them is that I’m a Muslim, I know my Islam, and Islam also teaches you not to raise fingers at anybody else."

Zarine Khan Hot Photo
Don't ask why she has such a hot body, watch her workout!

What a strong, outspoken woman! However, her remarks shouldn't have come as a surprise to those to follow news about her, though. Zareen has always been that way, proven by the time she slapped a pervert who tried to feel her up.

Zareen Khan Yoga workout
Zareen loves her job and no one can tell her otherwise.

She majored in an unrelated field to acting at Rizvi College of Science in her hometown. Not until after graduation that she took an interest in acting. Her career as an actress started after visiting the set of Yuvraj at the Whistling Woods film school.

Yoga 20
She chooses simple activewear when doing the routine.

Zareen showed extraordinary commitment and work ethics to her career right at the beginning of her career. In order to be more fitting to the role of an ancient princess for the movie Veer, Zareen voluntarily gained 8 kilos.

Zarine Khan Hot Yoga Pose
Yoga is her secret!

It was no worries for her to lose them after filming though, as the Zareen Khan yoga workout helped her burn off fat, fast. However, to her disappointment, Zareen's acting in it received mixed reviews.

Zareen Khan Orange
Her Instagram post showing the yoga session went viral last year.

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However, Zareen Khan didn’t have to wait long for her first success. Her second release was Housefull 2, a successful comedy that raked in ₹220 crores from box-offices.

Zareen Khan yoga workout
The Housefull actress likes to use a rope for the yoga routine.

Even though Zareen Khan met moderate success with the movie Housefull 2, she was only a supporting role in it. It was not until 2014 that she had her first leading role. In the 2014 Pollywood production of Jatt James Bond, she played an innocent woman in a romantic relationship with an unfortunate man.

Zareen Khan Chest
Other than yoga, she uses the gym for its machines, too.

A year later, she continued her winning streak with another hit movie, Hate story 3. Not only did it brought Zareen to stardom but it was also the milestone of her first time acting in an erotic film.

Zareen Khan yoga workout
It is unbelievable how flexible she is.

From 2015 onwards, Zareen Khan has continuously starred moderately-successful movies. They include the horror movie 1921, erotic-thriller Aksar 2, action-thriller Chanakya,… Although none of them was a big hit, they were still able to help Zareen maintain her A-list status.

Zareen Khan yoga workout 7
Zareen is even hotter up-side-down.

Want to see how the pictures of Zareen Khan yoga workout look in motion? Check the clip below to see how cat-like her movements are.

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