Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Karisma Kapoor... Domestic Violence Did These Stars Terribly Wrong

Harshini |Sep 23, 2019

From Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to Karisma Kapoor, before attaining their real happiness, these stars had a horrible past being victims of physical and mental abuse.

Domestic violence, is it a crime, an offence, or an exaggerated expression? Whatever your thoughts are on this, it is an actual thing that exists and seems to not have a tendency of stopping. It is the issue that can happen to anyone, and even the idolized celebrities may have to experience that horror, too.

Aishwarya Rai


Appearing that dreamy on-screen, their lives are not always in a rosy scenery. Movie stars, television actresses or beauty queens, some of them have been there and it left an unpleasant mark in their life.

For anyone unversed, here are a number of stars who have raised their voice to the mass about the time they had suffered from mental and physical abuse in their romantic affairs.

1. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Aish Salman

Being the world’s top gorgeous woman, the 1994 Miss World and a talented actress, yet she was involved in a toxic relationship. She was an item with actor Salman Khan and the two were seen as the most good-looking couple. But what happened between them that created such a storm?

Their split story made lots and lots of headlines as Aishwarya mentioned after the breakup that she had to cope with Salman Khan’s alcoholism. Also, she was on the receiving end of the actor’s infidelity and abuses. They eventually parted ways when he indirectly admitted that he was unfaithful to her.

Aish Salman 2

In 2000, parents of Aishwarya filed a complaint to police about Salman trying to stalk, threaten and even forcefully break into Aishwarya’s home.

The entire issue reached another level when in 2002, it was reported that Salman arrived at Chalte Chalte sets and furiously hit the actress. He even pushed Aishwarya on the ground and ruined the sets.

840702 Salmankhan Toughestrole

Consequently, Aishwarya was removed from the project and Rani Mukerji was chosen as the alternative. In a Times of India interview, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan shared,


On another hand, while being questioned whether he had ever hit a woman, the Dabangg 3 actor replied, "If I hit a woman, she wouldn't have survived. It's not true that I hit a woman."

Aish Salman 1

Again, Aishwarya indicated in a saying,


Moreover, she declared that the period she was with Salman Khan is a nightmare chapter of her whole life.

2. Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Aditya

The Bollywood queen of drama Kangana Ranaut confessed that in the early stage of her career, she was in an abusive connection with actor-producer Aditya Pancholi.

Kangana Phot

The actress made rather specific revelations about the physical abuse she suffered from while in a relationship with him.


3. Zeenat Aman


In spite of doing incredibly well in acting, modeling and even being a beauty queen, it seemed that the lucky lady didn’t smile with Zeenat Aman in terms of relationship and married life. Back to the 80s, Zeenat’s extramarital link with Sanjay Khan did not end very well. Reportedly, Sanjay beat Zeenat before the eyes of his wife at hotel Taj.

He bashed her up too brutally at it left a permanent scar on the eye of Zeenat. Zeenat was in complete shock post the incident and the actress had to take anti-depressants injections thrice each day. One of Zeenat’s doctors once was quoted,

Zeenat 1


The tragedy was seemingly deemed to have ended when she and Mazhar Khan tied the knot. Unluckily, she again got physically battered in her relationship.

Zeenat 2

In a Mumbai press conference, Zeenat Aman bared her heart out about the issue and decided to bring it out in the limelight. She had also filed for divorce, but Mazhar died in a sudden because of kidney failure. The incident marked the end of their marriage.

4. Karisma Kapoor

Karisma Kapoor is the star born in the Kapoors, the first Bombay celluloid family. She was also a victim of domestic violence and it still remains as a tragic memory to the actress. She got divorced with ex-spouse Sanjay Kapur and why they split was because he physically abused Karisma.


Although it was decided that Karisma was granted the children’s custody, the final decision came round was that Sunjay can have access to the kids occasionally.

5. Yukta Mookhey


Another former Miss World was involved in domestic violence. Yukta Mookhey turned in a hand-written application to the police of Mumbai, reporting against her spouse Prince Tuli.

The case was allegedly due to abuse and harassment. The police had looked into the case and done an inquiry but there was no registration of an FIR.

Yukta Tuli

Nevertheless, Yukta eventually filed an FIR including a case of dowry harassment. She claimed that Tuli gave her a time of hell with verbal and physical abuse. He even forced her into unnatural sex.

6. Dimpy Ganguly

Immediately after Swayamwar, model and television personality Dimpy Ganguly conquered the press surface with the charges against Rahul Mahajan, her husband then. She made known of his abusive acts and how he pointed a gun at her when they were having fights.

Rahul Mahajan

Only hours after the incident, Mumbai Mirror had a meetup with Dimpy and she was seen to have bruises on her hands and skin. Meanwhile, the model’s left cheek got swollen. Her head was also hurt and it had a lump.

She stated with the media,


7. Rucha Gujarati

Television actor Rucha Gujrati was another domestic abuse sufferer. She and businessman Mitul Sanghavi got hitched and there were reports that her marriage couldn’t get any worse because of her brutal husband. He tortured her mentally and physically, even the in-laws were a part of the unacceptable action.

Rucha Gujarati

Due to the reports posted by TOI, Rucha was beaten really badly by her spouse and his family many times. The torture got to the level that they didn’t let her eat. They finally divorced in 2013.

These celebrities came clear about their situation and there is absolutely no shame about it. The people who should take the blame are ones who brought hell to the women. The ladies had given out an instance for a lot of other women to fight and do not keep silent for their rights!

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