Sai Tamhankar Hot Photoshoot Sets The Internet On Fire!

Vaishnavi Gavankar |Aug 12, 2019

She is known for her versatile roles in films like Guru Purnima, Hunterrr and her recent Marathi film "Girlfriend". She is also known for doing bold avatars like in Hunterrr to make her character look as close to reality as possible.

Sai Tamhankar is known for her versatile roles in films like Guru Purnima, Hunterrr and her recent Marathi film Girlfriend. She is also known for doing bold avatars like in Hunterrr to make her character look as close to reality as possible. But this girl is most known this week for her sexy figure in the latest Sai Tamhankar hot photoshoot, which is setting the Internet ablaze!

The sexy actor shocked the world when she gained a ton of weight for the role of Kaveri in the Marathi film Vazandar. And it became a point of discussion whether the actress would ever be able to return to her hot self after the gain.

Sai Tamhankar hot pic
This sexy Sai Tamhankar photo clears all doubts around her gain!

Just as how the weight gain experiment similarly shocked the world or maybe more than that she shocked the world with her transformation pictures posted on Instagram.

Sai Tamhankar Hot Image
Sai Tamhankar sexy look as if she had never gained that much weight.

The Vazandar actress has completely lost all the "vazan" and have jaw-dropping transformed into a hot Girlfriend for her upcoming next. Sporting a sexy avatar she posted a couple of her pics post-transformation. This was the spark all the internet needed and within a couple of hours, her pictures were ruling the digital space.

Sai Tamhankar hot photo
Take a look at her tummy and say Wow!

In an interview with a famous digital Bollywood news platform, she shared about her experience losing weight.

Sai Tamhankar said, "I thoroughly enjoy doing diverse roles, after all, that is what being an actor is all about. And as an actor, if my role demands a certain look and get-up, I am not going to shy away from it. So, when I was offered Vazandar, my character demanded me to gain weight and I did it. Now, my character in Girlfriend is again drastically different and needed me to look fitter, so I worked hard and lost all those extra kilos I had gained for Vazandar. I am quite happy with the transformation. This is the best shape I have ever been".

Sai Tamhankar sexy photo
The Marathi actress has an amazing transformation back to her sexy look!

Sai is not only looking fabulous post her transformation but she is setting out an example that it is achievable to lose weight with constant commitment. The pictures Sai shared have left us searching for words and it would be interesting to see what the actor would sign up in her future ventures.

hot Sai Tamhankar pic
Sai Tamhankar in a hot photoshoot for magazine.

Talking about her new Marathi release Girlfriend. The film is running successfully on the large screens as the film has a new-age touch and also has a nice story which will keep you hooked throughout. The rom-com is certainly a must-watch.

Sai Tamhankar Hot Photoshoot
The hot figure of 33-year-old Marathi actress makes every girl jealous.

Saif Tamhankar was born on June 25, 1986, which means she is already 33 years old this year. She mostly works in Hindi and Marathi film industry.

Sai Tamhankar Hot Portrait
The hot Marathi actress has been in the industry for 12 years.

Saif was first featured in Marathi television show named Ya Gojirvanya Gharat while the sexy actress had her debut in crime thriller Black and White in 2008.

Sai Tamhankar has gained a lot of awards for her acting skills and contribution to Marathi movie industry. Some of them are Most natural performance of the Year 2015, Most powerful women of 2015 or Favorite actress MFK 2018.

Sai Tamhankar Hot Picture
Sai Tamhankar's sexy and charming posture in magazine photoshoot.

The sexy Marathi actress got married to Amey Gosavi in 2013, one year after they got engaged. However, they went on separate ways just 3 years later.

Sai Tamhankar Hot
Sexy Sai Tamhankar divorced in 2015 and remains single till date.

Sai Tamhanker is popular on Instagram with over 1 million followers. To catch up with her latest post, you can follow Sai Tamhankar Instagram here.

In 2020, Sai Tamhankar will star in Medium Spicy, along with Parna Pethe and Lalit Prabhakar. The movie is set to release on June 5, 2020.

Sai Tamhankar Hot Posture
Sai Tamhankar will join 2 movies this year.

That's all the sexiest Sai Tamhankar hot photos and facts we got till date. Always visit for more information daily!

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