Alencier's Victim Came Out With A Story Of Sexual Harassment

Leela Adwani |Oct 16, 2018

Divya Gopinath finally came out with a fiery video to accuse Alenier of sexual harassment.

An unnamed post of sexual harassment-related topic about actor Alencier had surfaced on the Internet on Monday. According to this, the blog reported that these incidents have been started when Alencier had cooperated with the accuser in a film project. On the next day, an actress, namely Divya Gopinath, who worked in Ayaal Sassi, came forward together with an allegation on Facebook.

Divya lost her trust in the organization.

She revealed that she eventually decided to talk to her parents about the incident and her family would support her unconditionally in order to end anonymity. Indeed, she underlined that the letter sent to India Protests was written by her.

The actress showed her frustration in a video about how people sneered at her blog. She, in her record, said that once a woman made up her mind to share their experience under a hidden name. However, it was relatively sad that readers supposed her as a fraud and did not stop abusing her.

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Divya Gopinath

The incident of Dileep was a clear example of the consequence of disclosing the name once the sexual assault is perpetrated allegedly to settle someone’s score.

She thought she was probably old enough to start thinking for herself and would not put her belief in any organization further down the line.
She is not the only victim of Alencier.

Divya also figured out the fact that Alencier has been a regular criminal as he has sexual misconduct with lots of women before. Sharing her story, she stressed that the harassment was definitely not the outcome of anything called “mental trauma” like what he has claimed.

She further added by providing more details about her situation in order to give a big picture and spell out her incident. At first, people thought her blog was such a lie and would be WCC propaganda.

However, she informed some top people working in WCC afterward and they asked her whether should they request him to make an apology?  The actress stated that it was not too necessary (as she thought she was the only one victim). But she has soon realized that he had repeated this harassment on many other women.

Divya, in her anonymous blog, said the very first incident took place at lunch with the appearance of 3 people including her, the offender, and another co-actor. He told a story about a big-name star while staring at her breasts. He did advise her to be open-minded and more social. She then responded nothing and felt a sense of insecurity.


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