Tovino Thomas House, Wife, Car Collection & Net Worth 2020

Hanima Anand |Dec 02, 2020

Being one of the most successful actors in Malayalam cinema, Tovino is able to afford various expensive properties. Check the latest updates on his most valuable things in 2020 as below!

Tovino house first rose to public attention in 2018 when the superstar offered his home in Irinjalakkuda to people affected by floods in Kerala. He also committed to provide necessities for these individuals until everyone can return to their own houses safely.

Since then, the search for Tovino Thomas house Irinjalakuda emerges every time Kerala is subject to massive floods. However, besides its special function, Tovino house also attracts attention from his fans as people are curious about the place where their idol spends the most time.

Tovino Thomas
Tovino is willing to let local people stay in his house during floods.

In the post below, along with information about Tovino Thomas house, you can also find facts about Tovino's net worth, car collection, and family members. Here we go!

Tovino house address

Due to security reasons, Tovino’s exact house address is not revealed to the public. However, in case you are desperate to see your idol at his home, you can come to Irinjalakuda, Thrissur, Kerala and ask people there to give directions.

Tovino House Address 1
Tovino Thomas house in Irinjalakuda from the outside

Many people in the region know the exact location of Tovino house. They may take you there. Also, Tovino Thomas house has a name card on its gate as Ellikkal (his father’s name) so that you know whether the house you are taken to is Tovino’s or not.

Tovino House Address 2
There's a lake near Tovino's home where he often goes swimming.

Tovino house photos & video

Tovino is not only a talented actor, but he also has a sense of design. This is reflected through his house decoration as well as furniture selection.

Tovino House Photo 1
The actor parks his cars and bikes in the yard.

On the outside, the house looks simple with a large yard where he can park his luxury cars and bikes. It also has a small separate room for tea time. You won’t see many decorations outside the house as the space is filled with his family vehicles.

Tovino House Photo 2
You can easily spot his favorite bikes everywhere in the house.

However, when it comes to interior design, Tovino house should be listed among the coziest homes of Indian celebrities. The entire house has a warm tone of colour, ranging from furniture to the lighting system.

Tovino House Photo 3
The ideal bedroom design for every family

In some photos Tovino posted on his social accounts, people can have a glance at his living room and bedroom. Every detail in the house gives out a vibe of family reunion and happiness. The actor surely places comfort as a priority when designing his home in Irinjalakuda.

Tovino House Photo 4
The living room is a combination of orange, brownish, and light grey tones.
Tovino House Photo 5
Another corner outside the building

Here’s a video from a Tovino’s fan who had a chance to visit his house in Irinjalakuda. Take a look!

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Tovino net worth

Tovino has worked in Mollywood for nearly a decade till now. He had his debut with the drama film Prabhuvinte Makkal by Sajeev Anthikkad in 2012. Then, he became the assistant director in Theevram action thriller in the same year.

Tovino is associated with many successful Malayalam movies, such as Ennu Ninte Moideen (2015), Guppy (2016), Mayanadi (2017), Maari 2 (2018), and Lucifer (2019). His most recent film Forensic (2020) was also a box office hit.

Tovino Net Worth
His latest movie Forensic was released prior to the nationwide lockdown.

Regardless of his young age, Tovino has proved his versatility in the film industry and earned a great deal from his career.

As estimated in 2020, Tovino net worth ranges from $1 million to $5 million, which translates to around Rs. 7-37 crore. Because of his growing popularity, it’s hard to decide Tovino remuneration at the moment. However, we believe with his talent, Tovino will be one of the richest actors in Malayalam film industry.

Tovino car collection

As can be seen in Tovino house video, the Maari 2 actor has an interest in collecting bikes and cars from luxury brands.

  • Audi Q7

Back in 2018, Tovino made his dream come true when acquiring a beast from the privileged Audi, the three-row crossover Q7 which can accommodate up to 7 people.

Tovino Car Audi Q7
Tovino took his wife and daughter to the car handover ceremony. Photo:

According to the carmaker, this automobile is equipped with a premium audio system and various modern functions such as power-closing doors or keyless start. It’s categorized among the supremely comfortable models from this brand.

The price for this Tovino car is around Rs 80 lakh based on the version he got. Not stopping there, the actor wasn’t hesitant to give it a thorough detailing package at GreenZ Car Care which cost up to Rs 1.25 lakh.

  • BMW 7 Series

Another extravagant car in Tovino car collection is the BMW 7 Series whose price in India ranges from Rs. 99 lakh. This is clearly one of the most luxury automobiles of a Mollywood star.

Tovino Car Bmw 7 Series
The actor loves driving his BMW to the film settings.

If Tovino Audi Q7 prioritizes space and comfort for family trips, this BMW 7 Series flaunts a sporty and tech-laden interior design. This perfectly fits Tovino’s cool image on the screen right?

  • Mini Sidewalk Convertible

Well, driving expensive cars isn’t enough. Tovino wants something more unique whenever he appears. That’s why he opted for a special Mini Cooper, the Sidewalk Convertible.

Tovino Car Mini Cooper
He is one of 15 Indians that own a Mini Sidewalk Convertible.

It’s reported that there were only 15 Indians that could drive this car model home, and Tovino can’t be missed in the list. This limited version of Mini Convertible cost him around Rs 45 lakh in 2020.

In fact, Tovino car collection also features a Honda City and several motorbikes from prestigious brands in the world. However, the above-mentioned cars are the most remarkable.

Tovino Thomas wife

Knowing Tovino house and cars, you must be curious who takes care of this beautiful home and collection everyday. It’s no one but Tovino Thomas wife, Lidiya Tovino.

Tovino Wife And Kids 1
The beautiful family of Tovino Thomas in 2020

Lidiya was born in 1989 in Thrissur, Kerala. She studied at Don Bosco High School and St Mary’s High School in Irinjalakuda, the same schools as her husband. Tovino Thomas wife is also a Christian.

Tovino and Lidiya knew each other when they were schoolchildren. The couple had dated 10 years before getting married at St. Thomas Cathedral in their neighborhood on 25 October, 2014.

Tovino Wife And Kids 2
Tovino celebrated his wife's birthday in 2020

Two years after their marriage, Lidiya gave birth to their daughter Izza Tovino on 11 January, 2016. Earlier this year, Tovino and his wife welcomed their second child, a son named Tahaan Tovino.

Tovino Wife And Kids 3
Tovino and Lidiya are blessed with a daughter and a son.

Above is everything you should know about Tovino house, car collection, net worth, and wife. Check latest updates on Indian showbiz on

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