Shantanu Maheshwari reunite with his former for an upcoming music video

Author |Sep 17, 2018

The song has been sung by Aditi Singh Sharma.   


Shantanu Maheshwari and his former Vrushika Mehta will meet each other again in a new music video. The shooting finished up yesterday at a terrific Club/Lounge Hoot in Juhu Mumbai. And there are some good news for their fans.

As we know, they have a giant fan base, which keeps on supporting them up to this time. In a interview, Shantanu said: "I am extremely glad to work with Vrushika once again. We will collaborate after a long time, and will remember some D3 recollections as well. I am exciting that Aditi Sharma will perform our track".

"Her voice is awesome and I am a fan of her music. In my playlist, i usually listen her song called 'Raabta'. Beside that, the subject of her video is so romantic and lovely," he said.

Sakett was particularly upbeat when he became acquainted with that everybody was so associated with the video. "Shantanu and Vrushika are awesome artists and have prior completed a move based fiction appear. When I heard their music, we figured out how to get them on the project," he says. Moreover, "Pro DOP Manoj Soni, who has done movies like 'Housefull 2' and 'Excitement' among others shot this for us. "


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