Top 10 Most Difficult Songs In The World – Never Try These At Karaoke Bars!

Hanima Anand |Jul 10, 2020

Even professional singers do not dare to sing these songs. However, an 11-year-old girl has successfully performed the most difficult song in the world. See it!

Writing music is challenging when you may accidentally repeat someone’s melodies without knowing it. That’s why some musicians or singers have come up with unprecedented ways to make their songs unique. And the result is we have this list of top 10 most difficult songs in the world!

Some songs are difficult to sing by nature, thanks to the twist from the composers, but several performances are made extremely challenging by singers themselves. These versions often come from top-notch divas as Celine Dion or Mariah Carey.

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Songs by Celine Dion could hardly be covered by any singer.

10. Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers

The Righteous Brothers is an American duo in 1960s. Bill Medley and Bucky Heard were actually members in a band named The Paramours but decided to embark on their own career.

They are talented vocals who possess distinctive sounds and extraordinary skills. The song Unchained Melody (written in 1955) was not performed the first time by The Righteous Brothers but this duo made it to another level with impressive crooning skills.

The ultrahigh trills and complex crescendos in their version bring this performance to the top most difficult song in the world till date.

9. My All by Mariah Carey

The stellar voice from Mariah Carey is undeniable but not all her songs are this challenging for even experienced singers.

What makes My All of Mimi so difficult to copy is its bouncing beats and a range of complex notes, from low to high, which requires the performer to switch quickly but smoothly throughout the song.

If this song sounds not hard enough to you initially, just try to mimic it and you’ll find how struggling you are in keeping up with the right tone.

8. Lovin’ You by Minnie Riperton

Another classic performance that can challenge professional singers is Loving You from Minnie Riperton. She used to be the lead vocals for a girl group called the Gems, but soared to her prime time with the single Lovin’ You in 1975.

The song was so difficult to sing due to its extremely high notes which can be mistaken for a whistle. Research shows that only a small number of singers of all time can perform this kind of ultra-high tune called a four-octave coloratura soprano.

7. Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush

This is a bizarre song that may linger in your head for days for its unique melody. Kate Bush was well-known for her experimental style, challenging conventional music at the time and even later.

In Wuthering Heights, she showcased an extraordinary transitional vocal skill which sometimes makes listeners feel uncomfortable.

6. Rap God by Eminem

This song might be more related to you as it’s released in 2013. And it’s no surprise when the performance of ‘Rap God’ Eminem ranks in the most difficult song in the world list.

Just as he claims in the song title, only God of Rap can sing this song because its melody is so fast that you can’t even figure out what he’s singing.

The challenging song is so famous that it gathered over 1 billion views on Youtube.

5. I Believe In A Thing Called Love by The Darkness

I believe in a thing called love is a 2003 song in album Permission to Land by The Darkness. The product soon caught attention from the public for its weirdly high pitches and insane transition between notes.

The beginning of the song is not much impressive but you must listen to its choral parts which are almost impossible for any man to project.

4. 7th Element by Vitas

The famous male singer from Russia is a legend vocal with rare high voice that even women struggle with it. Vitas, full name Vitaly Vladasovich Grachev is often known as the alien for the bizarre music style he pursues.

His song 7th Element is reputed for its strangely catchy chorus. Enjoy the part and you will never forget it!

3. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

This group song is not a difficult song by nature but the version from Queen makes it rank third in this chart of most difficult song in the world.

The group has brought a perfect blend to the song, which can never be repeated by any bands till date. Listening to this song can make every perfectionist smile with satisfaction.

Send this song to your group of friends so you may try this in the next time in karaoke rooms.

2. All By Myself by Celine Dion

The French diva deserves a decent place in this list of most difficult song in the world with her trademark All by myself. The song may not sound difficult if another one sings it, but it must be Celine Dion who can push it to the fullest.

Just listen to her skillful notes at the beginning and the unbelievable sky-high notes at the end, you’ll get goosebumps just like anyone who hears of this song.

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1. She Taught Me To Yodel by Frank Ifield

Finally, the most difficult song in the world to sing is She taught me to yodel by Frank Ifield. In fact, yodel is the term for repeated sounds in music and this song illustrates the word perfectly.

This is the most difficult song in the world because to sing it right is a challenge to every singer, let alone making it impressive. If other songs in this list can be lower tones or adapted to make them easier, this song by itself requires an immense effort to have its lyrics correctly.

However, an 11-year-old girl from Ukraine has successfully performed the song on Ukraine’s Got Talent stage. Let’s enjoy her song below!

Above is Starbiz collection of the most difficult song in the world. There are actually many hard songs to sing but we only list here the most recognized songs that are challenging for even professional singers.

You can add more difficult songs you know to the comment box for others’ reference.

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