Selena Gomez Fans Slams Justin Bieber For Stealing Her Spotlight By His Announcement Of New Album

Ankita Chetana |Dec 22, 2019

Justin Bieber has just announced his new album releasing in January 2020 and this has led to Selena Gomez fans' accusation of compressing spotlight.

Recently, Canadian singer Justin Bieber has created an online storm getting over him. In the teasing process for his upcoming album, he announced to have his new music in hand next month. The singer took to his social media account to share a photo with '2020' and three dates written on it. As per what he opened up, his new songs will go on floors on December 24th, December 31st, and January 3rd.

By announcing this way, Selena Gomez fans have troubled the Baby hit-maker while his fans have been eager to count down days until the release. This storm is easy to understand when Justin Bieber is planning to drop his product around the release date of Selena Gomez's new album Rare.

Some weeks back, the singer-actress had opened up that she will head to January for her next after a couple of her songs in October. Justin's announcement today is just like a cold bowl of water into Selena fans as they considered that he is trying to steal her spotlight.

Selena Gomez 2020 Album Rare

Many fans of Selena have added the hashtag #JanuarybelongstoRARE on their social media posts to support the singer. One of her fans disputably wrote that they are giving hands to remove the one stealing Selena's spotlight on her comback album. Not stop then, some others are taking it hard to say that Justin is making effort to ruin Selena's music space after a long time of his breakout era.

Justin Bieber Selena Gomez

It seems to happen a media storm over the music industry amongst the stars who are ex-lovers of each other. Up to now, the Let Me Love You singer hasn't given any feedbacks on this big issue related to him. How about you? Do you think as same as Selena fans? Jot your thoughts down in the comment section below!


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