Selena Gomez Collaborates With J.Balvin For A New Song Titled “I Can’t Get Enough”

Advika Hue |Feb 28, 2019

New song of Selena Gomez and J.Balvin will be released today. Make sure not to miss it!


Last week, J Balvin confirmed that he is collaborating with superstar Selena Gomez on a new song. While being interviewed by ET, J Balvin talked about his experience of working together with Selena and also shared some details about the song. According to J Balvin, the song is titled I Can’t Get Enough and is produced by the talented producer Tainy, Benny Blanco, Selena Gomez and himself.

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Meanwhile, Selena has been keeping quiet about the good news. She didn’t have many activities after the mental health treatment last year. But now she finally opened up about the collaboration with J Balvin on the upcoming song. Selena has shared on her Instagram story a link that you can pre-add or pre-save the song on Spotify and Apple Music.

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Recently, Ariana Grande has replaced Selena Gomez to be the female celebrity who has the most followers on Instagram. At the moment, despite having an impressive number of followers - 146,354,240, Selena is not the most followed female star on Instagram. Grande has dethroned her to be the next Instagram queen with 146,486,760 followers.

Last year, during a talk with Harper's Bazaar, Selena confessed that she had a quite “complex relationship” with this social media platform.

Selena admitted that Instagram gave her a chance to voice her opinions while many people are trying to tell her what to do. Being one of the most popular stars on Instagram, Selena is powered to express her words, opinions, and truths. She said,

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However, Selena was worried about the way the young generation placed too much value on social media.

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