Katy Perry Stuns In Long Wigs And Feather Outfits In The Vertical Video Of "Never Really Over"

Priyansh Ha |Jun 17, 2019

Although Katy Perry is spotted in both video with retro looks, the vertical version of Never Really Over is in stark contrast to the initial one.

After releasing the official music video for her latest single Never Really Over, Katy Perry has dropped another version on Spotify in vertical format. The second version features her in retro vibe just like the original one but with indoor scenes only. In details, the American singer acts like a supermodel of the ‘60s with two stunning looks.

Katy Perry
Source: UMG/Katy Perry

A Stark Contract To The Official Video

In the first look, Katy is seen in a gorgeous holographic tinsel dress and a long tangerine wig. She poses with Afghan hound in front of a vintage red background. She strokes her long-haired hound sometimes while mouthing the lyrics and gazing into the distance.

Meanwhile, the singer makes a dramatic twist in the second look with a green-white further shawl and pink fluffy dress paired with an impressive feathered headdress in neon-green. She stuns in the blonde wavy curls hair with hair and makeup artists touching her all the time.

Watch the video here:

Although she is spotted in both video with retro looks, the vertical version is in stark contrast to the initial one. According to I Kissed A Girl singer, she had to undergo acupuncture treatments after finishing the video.

Katy Perry Never Really Over 1100
Katy's dreamy look in the official version of "Never Really Over" (Source: Official Chart)

The Deeper Meaning Of Never Really Over

In a recent interview with Beats 1 host Brooke Reese from Apple Music, Katy Perry has revealed the deeper meaning beneath her song.

According to the singer, among plenty of adventures these days, you can choose your own one. She also added that

Screenshot 29

Katy Perry Nro
"Never Really Over" is the return to the Katy Perry we know and love. (Source: Hit Network)

Earlier, the acclaimed music pop star has released her official music video Never Really Over on May 30. The video which has got more than 50M views on Youtube for two weeks also received positive remarks from fans and critics.


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