Justin Bieber Needs A Wife Mom? Hailey Baldwin And Everyone Else Is Getting Confused!

Priyansh Ha |Apr 18, 2019

As he is so emotionally unstable!

It seems like Justin Bieber is coming back to his teenage days again, which, unfortunately, annoyed his newlywed wife Hailey Baldwin somehow. For Hailey, she is head over heels with Justin and all that she's ever wanted at the first place was to be his wife. The American model, however, has taken more motherly responsibilities than she’s expected.

Hailey has to take care of her husband just like his mom.

Justin Bieber Is Acting Like A Teenage Boy

Being in a marriage with one of the most talented pop stars, Hailey realizes that her husband starts acting as if he was a teenage boy. According to a close source, she now has to take care of every aspect in Bieber's life including his state of mind. Meanwhile, all he can do is just hanging around and teasing her with his pranks just like a schoolboy.

Hailey is now questioning about her future as Bieber’s wife and what other responsibilities she will have to take. However, expressing her feelings to her husband is something she’s always afraid of since “he’s so emotionally unstable.”

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Hailey and Justin Bieber tied the knot in a private wedding took place last September. They have gone through all the ups and downs during their relationship. Despite those hardships, the couple finally humped into the decision of getting married.

They Are Getting Used To The New Live

According to the 22-year-old wife, she is giving all her efforts on the relationship, trying to keep it a healthy and a right one. Apart from being celebrities, both of them are just a young couple who is trying to learn how to deal with marriage life. "I’m not going to sit here and lie and say it’s all a magical fantasy. It’s always going to be hard,” said Justin's wife.

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In addition to that, a source exclusively revealed that “Justin is dealing with mental health issues that have come at him like a tornado.” Another added that he's also trying his best to be a good husband to Hailey. A classic problem of the newlywed couple. Hopefully, they can figure it out soon!


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