Splurging On Christmas Decoration, Recipes To Make Instagrammable Pictures Of Celebs

Leela Adwani |Dec 24, 2020

Now, Christmas time is here, let’s soak up the festive atmosphere and celebrate the most magical and beautiful time of year with Christmas decorations from celebs compilation.

The festive season is in the air. After bidding adieu to Halloween, Thanksgiving, it’s time to welcome Christmas and ring in New Year. Every holiday has its own theme and when it comes to decorations, nobody can do it quite like celebrities. While we started turning our home into a wonderland but haven’t come up with an idea yet, Christmas decoration from celebs somehow turns out to be a huge source of inspiration.

Christmas Decoration From Celebs Ft
Christmas decoration from celebs

Now, Christmas time is here, let’s soak up the festive atmosphere and celebrate the most magical and beautiful time of year.

Kylie Jenner

Known to be a hot reality star, she is also a cosmetic mogul who has never been afraid of splurging on expensive items to make her house more beautiful. This time around is no exception. The youngest member of the Kardashians-Jenners recently gave her fans an insight into her Christmas atmosphere at her swanky mansion.

Christmas Decoration From Celebs Kylie Jenner
The giant Christmas tree in Kylie's house

The mother of one shared an up-close look at the enormous X-mas tree which is displayed at her foyer. Describing it in her Instagram story, the beauty said,

“literally right at the ceiling.”

Christmas Decoration From Celebs Kylie 2
How her mansion looks from above

The giant tree can be seen decked out in simple décor with string lights and mini ornaments.

Kim Kardashian

Never been overshadowed by the billionaire sister Kylie Jenner, couple Kim Kadarshian and her rapper husband Kanye West’s Christmas extravaganza is also relatively mind-blowing.

The entrepreneur is currently living with her husband and their children in a villa in the Hidden Hills. This year, she decorates her house with bright white tress as the Wests have installed around their massive property for the lockdown festive season.

Christmas Decoration From Celebs Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian spent a lot of money on Christmas decoration this year

The driveaway can be seen being lined with luminous and spectacular trees. This display continues to be seen at the front and in the backyard of the house.

Kourtney Kardashian

Another name in the Christmas decoration from celebs list is the third member of the Kardashian family, Kourtney Kardashian. She is also busy with decorating her house with several Christmas trees put in different corners.

Christmas Decoration From Celebs Kourtney
Kourtney and her high school best friend

One that is in her living room is also a floor-to-ceiling tree like her sibling Kylie. The very first Christmas 2020 pictures were with her high school bestie. The closer Christmas day is coming, the more festive photos are shared by Kourtney.

Christmas Decoration From Celebs Kourtney 2
She chooses a retro theme for her outfit

She continued to post several pictures in her house where she can be seen decking up in X-mas-themed outfits and posing near other trees.

Christmas Decoration From Celebs Kourtney 3
Several Christmas trees are put in different corners

Khloe Kardashian

We don’t want to turn Christmas decoration from celebs list into how the Kardashians celebrate their Christmas but their pictures cannot be ignored as they are way too eye-catching.

Christmas Decoration From Celebs Khloe
A holiday full of luxury items

If her sister Kourtney took down the memory lane when sharing throwback photos and wearing retro outfits, Khloe gave off fancy vibes. She posed with her big Christmas tree but what grabbed eyeballs the most is her Louis Vuitton bag collection.

Justin Bieber – Hailey Baldwin

Earlier on 13 December, the American singer shared a timelapse video showing him and his wife decorating the tree. He captioned,

“About that time again.”

It seems like because of the pandemic, many people chose to buy Christmas items earlier than usual. The holiday is, of course, seemingly longer than the other years.

Jennifer Garner

Hollywood actress Garner is also a must on Christmas decoration from celebs list this year. She turned her house into a Disneyland with colorful lights. This is her lodging house in Pacific Palisades while waiting for the refurbishment of her villa.

Christmas Decoration From Celebs Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner recreates a Disney land at home

Her children don’t need to go anywhere as their mother already prepared a wonderful playground for them at home.

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