Justin Bieber Keeps Going On Tour During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Rose Advani |Mar 14, 2020

 The Coronavirus pandemic turned of many tours of artists across the world. Justin Bieber still keeps going for his tour in May. What is the feeling of his wife, Haily Baldwin?

Many artists canceled their tours due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, the singer Justin Bieber keeps his plan on the way with the expected time in May. His wife, Hailey Baldwin supports him on each step to process his Changes tour.

Justin Bieber Changes
Hailey Baldwin Supports Justin during the "Changes" tour process

Justin Bieber is up to the ear with preparing for his Changes tour which is planned to hit the road in May. On any act to get ready for the rehearsals, the singer has huge support from his wife, Hailey Baldwin. However, many acts are also postponed because of the Coronavirus pandemic. He just still keeps his positive view and believes that the Changes tour will take place as the expected time in May 2020.

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Justin Bieber's Changes tour will hit the road in May

According to Insider, Hailey said that she understands that Justin does not want to let his fans down and he tries to keep no change in ready-made plans. He always shows fans that he is happy and safe.

Justin has shared a video on his Instagram which shows him in the dance studio and he captioned: “Teamwork makes the dream work.”.

Factually, the venues to perform the tour might be canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The Insider stated that:

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Justin Bieber prepared for the Summer tour
Justin Bieber prepared for the Summer tour

As his schedule, the Changes tour will begin on May 14 at Seattle’s CenturyLink Field. Just tin will have 45 dates across the U.s and Canada. The tour will end on September 26 at East Rutherford, NJ’s MetLife Stadium. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus pandemic turns worse and worse that may force him must reschedule the tour. However, the singer keeps preparing for his tour at best.

Many artists postponed their tours by the Covid-19 outbreak as the Courage tour of Celine Dion and the April 1 – 18 residency dates at Las Vegas’ Park MGM theater of the Jonas Brothers. Also, Cannes 2020 has been canceled by this pandemic.


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