Halsey Is Pregnant? How Did She Response To The Shocking New?

Priyansh Ha |Feb 20, 2019

Halsey has dropped a hint on her Twitter about something so called “The Biggest Secret” of her and everyone think that she is pregnant.

On February 19, Halsey has dropped a hint on her Twitter about something so-called “The Biggest Secret” of her. According to the American singer, this is a personal secret which is shocking and doesn=’t relate to her album.

Many Twitter users have come to the post and started using their great imagination to find out the answer. Dozens of ideas were given from having a movie role to being pregnant.

For some reasons, most of them believe that Halsey is expecting. Of course, there are a hundred types of “big secret” which are possible for a female singer. Pregnancy, however, seems to be the most shocking secret that comes up in their minds.

On Halsey’s side, the singer had to be right back an hour later to stop the conjecture from spreading away. She jokingly responded that even when she has gained weight, and her behaviour is a bit weirder lately, she isn’t expecting at all.

She's Thinking About Having A Baby?

In facts, she has revealed her desire of having a kid. She also teased that she might think about getting pregnant after closing the tour in July. The singer, however, went to Twitter and clarify that the only baby she's making is her next album. 

After splitting up with G Easy last year, the American singer recently has been spotted dating British rock star Yungblud. The singer-musician also shared a photo of them on her Instagram last December.


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