Halsey Back At It Again With Dripping Bikini Shoot Alongside "Euphoria" Star Sydney Sweeney

Salena Harshini |Sep 16, 2020

Singer Halsey may have one of the most sultry beach bodies you have ever seen, and her latest pictures can literally make you gasp.

Two is better than one and the saying this time is fact-checked by Halsey and her friend Sydney Sweeney. The Without Me singer has teamed up with the Euphoria actress for what seems to be the steamiest bikini shoot ever!

Posing like the optimum dream team, the musician flaunted a lot of skin beside the 23-year-old actor for a hot session on the poolside and their pictures are about to send another heatwave to Los Angeles.

Halsey Sydney
The singer and the actress are a vision to sore eyes

Showing off their toned and tan bodies under the beaming down sunlight, the ladies left little to the imagination with two skimpy swimsuits.

Halsey who just made an announcement that she will debut in acting will appear alongside Sydney Sweeny on the new television show called The Player’s Table. Just as you think that the girls individually could not get any better, they joined forces and make everyone get whiplash with their looks.

Halsey Sydney 7
They leave little to imagination with the skimpy bikinis

Halsey dropped several swimsuits shots showing her with Sydney Sweeney and before you scroll more, know that these could be considered NSFW.

In the first sexy look, Sydney and Halsey are seen wearing matching naughty bikinis. They showed off their ample cleavage and snatched waist in the cutout swimwear which barely covered their figure.

Halsey Sydney 4
The duo surely makes fans go breathless with their photoshoot

While the Colors singer donned a blue and orange one-piece, Sydney wore a pink and purple one. The swimsuits only differ in color. Getting dangerous close to each other, the two looked stunning in their bold suits.

The duo stayed original to the twin theme and changed in tiny white and yellow strings, making major mayhem. Completing the summer-theme photoshoot with sunglasses and black hats, they struck alluring poses while sharing a lounge chair.

Halsey Sydney 8
Posing under the sun, can't get any hotter
Halsey Sydney 3
Twinning bikini makes an eye-popping visual

In another pic, Halsey and Sydney can be seen going on a picnic in the backyard. They were not wearing matching outfits this time but the snaps are just as steamy. At one point, the singer is feeding many’s minds as she is snapped feeding grapes to Sydney Sweeney in a seductive way.

Halsey Sydney 2
The two looks like they have so much fun with this shoot
Halsey Sydney 5
Anything can be their prop

While Halsey has carved a niche for herself in the music industry and is bound to venture in the film world, Sydney Sweeney is mostly known for her role in popular TV show Euphoria. The latter has also featured in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, The Handmaid's Tale, Sharp Objects among others.

Check out other irresistible photos of the stars:

She is a master at making hearts skip a beat
Halsey 1
She is soon going to be an actress too
Halsey S
Who can resist this beauty?
Meanwhile, Sydney Sweeney is a budding actress
Halsey Sydney 9
Her most famous project is TV series "Euphoria"

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