10 Best Oscars Performances Of All Time: Lady Gaga Conquers It All

Bindhiya Nhi |Feb 23, 2019

Before Oscars 2019 takes place, let's take a look of 10 best performance ever throughout the years. Lady Gaga even made it three times to the list.

Oscars might be a special event of the best movies, but it does not mean that the music cannot have its spotlight. No one can deny that all the marvellous performances have always been a part of the show's history. This is also one best chance for Grammy winners to touch the golden statuette by winning the Best Original Song.

Lady Gaga Oscars
Lady Gaga performed "Til It Happens to You" in Oscars 2016.

On Sunday, the 91st Academy Awards will welcome Sting, Justin Timberlake, John Legend together with Lin-Manuel Miranda on stage with their highly-anticipated performances. Before the stages of these famous artists take place, let's take a look back at the most brilliant musical performances throughout all these years.

Til It Happens to You, Lady Gaga (2016)

With an incredible performance of the original soundtrack from The Hunting Ground, Lady Gaga obviously left the audiences in awe. The Mother Monster stepped on a stage to sing Til It Happens To You together with a group of sexual assault victims and it turned out to be extremely emotional.

Earned It, The Weeknd (2016)

The sultry soundtrack from 50 Shades Of Grey got a nomination for Best Original Song that year. The Weeknd performed Earned It on a stage surrounded by candles and chandeliers.

The Sound of Music Tribute, Lady Gaga (2015)

In celebration of The Sound of Music 50th anniversary, Lady Gaga had a stunning performance in Oscars 2015. She sang a medley of the musical movie's most famous soundtracks. Even Julie Andrews could not help but appreciate Gaga's stage.

Dreamgirls Medley, The Cast of Dreamgirls (2007)

A powerful combination of Beyoncé, Jennifer Hudson and other lead casts from Dream Girls made Oscars 2007 more remarkable. If one needs some chills, Beyonce and Hudson duet of Listen might be a perfect choice.

Skyfall, Adele (2013)

Obviously, one of the best soundtracks ever in the 007 series should not be missed in the list! In 2013, Adele performed Skyfall beautifully on the Oscars stage and later brought home the golden statuette for Best Original Song.

My Heart Will Go On, Celine Dion (1998)

Powerful voice Celine Dion had a remarkable heavenly performance in Oscars 1998. Whenever the diva sings the song, it gives people goosebumps. My Heart Will Go On will forever be the favourite original soundtrack in many people's hearts.

Ben, Michael Jackson (1973)

At the age of 15, Michael Jackson stepped on the Oscars stage to perform Ben beautifully. And the rest, as they say, it is history. Ben turned out to be one of the pop icon greatest hits ever and Michael's dazzling Oscars performance would be one of the best memories in his career.

Glory, John Legend and Common (2015)

Glory won Best Original Song in Oscars 2015, and the win was much more significant with a powerful performance from Legend and Common. In addition, the Selma soundtrack stage had the appearance of a choir. They were crossing the bridge on the big stage while singing, which referred to the march from Selma to Montgomery in the movie.

Sooner or Later, Madonna (1991)

It would be extremely out of this world when one icon made a tribute to another icon in the industry, and that was how Madonna left the audience with a great impression in Oscars 1991. She wore a sequined dress and had that Marilyn Monroe's hairstyle and makeup while performing Sooner or Later. However, the most highlighted moment of that night was when King and Queen of Pop Michael Jackson and Madonna showed up together hand-in-hand at the event. That night, it was all about a whirlwind romance.

Hard Out Here For a Pimp, Three 6 Mafia and Taraji P. Henson (2006)

A soulful soundtrack from Hustle and Flow won its own golden statuette in Oscars 2006. Three 6 Mafia performed their skilful rap with the help of Empire's Henson with the chorus part.

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