5 Bands That Went on Tour Without A Missing Piece: Spice Girls, One Direction And More

Priyansh Ha |Jan 22, 2019

Used to be on the edge of glory, most of these bands shared a common situation when their members exited and the rest had to go on tours without a missing piece

Spice Girls (without Victoria Beckham) in the Closing Ceremony of Olympic Games 2012 in London.

Used to be on the edge of glory, most of these bands shared a common situation. One/ few members of the band exited and the rest had to go on tours without a missing piece. Some of them finally broke up amicably, a few luckily got reunited. Anyway, the show must go on and all of them tried their best and not to make disappointed fans. Check out the list below for classic examples of musical chairs in the industry.


Fifth Harmony

After Camila Cabello left the group in 2016 to head into her solo career, Fifth Harmony remained their activities and tours as a four-member band for 9 more months. Their PSA tour took place in 2017 is the last time we saw them together before the whole band spat up.


One Direction

The same situation happened to the boy band when Zayn Malik decided to quit in the middle of their On the Road Again tour. They continued finishing the tour before breaking up. Fortunately, we still see them here and there on the media as all of them are doing good with their solo career.



Backstreet Boys

With 5 members, this American boy group used to be a craze in the late ’90s and early 2000s. There was a time they only worked with 4 members as Kevin Richardson split away in 2007 to be a solo singer. After that, the band went on their This Is Us and Unbreakable and tours with only 4 members. However, they finally teamed up 5 years later in 2012 and continued as a quintet again until now.

Spice Girls 2000 920x584


Spice Girls

Good news for Spice Girls fans, the British girl group will get reunited this year 2019 for a tour after splitting up for more than a decade. The bad news is Victoria Beckham, also known as Posh Spice, is not included. She is spending all her time and efforts for her business, in specific her own fashion brand.


The Killers

After 15 years of working together, Mark Stoermer and Dave Keuning, the guitarists of The Killers decided to move out and not attend their Wonderful Wonderful World Tour. Indeed, Stoermer wanted to stay focus on studying and Keuning chose to give priority to his family.


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