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Salena Harshini |May 06, 2020

The touching "A Brilliant Young Mind" film is about a teen boy with autism, features strong performances that make it more memorable than you would initially expect.

X + Y: A Brilliant Young Mind revolves around the topic of Math but that does not mean the movie is jejune or boring. Ever since the moment the first films appear, viewers will enter the world of colorful feelings and inner thoughts, of rustic scenes, and then they will cry, laugh, sympathize with the characters. Starring Asa Butterfield, the budding talented actor, X + Y movie download is a sought-after keyword among film lovers.

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X + Y movie download is available for those who haven't watched

“Because I don’t talk much, people think I don’t have anything to say, or that I’m stupid. And that’s not true. I have lots of things to say. I’m just afraid to say them.”

Nathan Ellis is a mathematical genius but suffers from autism and has difficulty expressing emotions and socializing. Nathan's father was the only one who could get along and understand his son. From the day his father died, things got worse.

Nathan's mother entrusts him to a teacher who used to attend the IMO (International Mathematics Olympiad). Since then, IMO has become Nathan's only goal. The film is the journey of Nathan gradually finding his place: becoming an excellent mathematical genius or becoming a normal person with very simple emotions.

A Brilliant Young Mind is based on the true story of Daniel Lightwing, who was in the UK taking the IMO exam in 2006, in the 2007 documentary A Beautiful Mind directed by Matthews.

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The film is an appreciated piece of work with relatable issues among students

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The film has typical storytelling of British films with rich-picture lines, polished and beautiful words with deep, gentle echoes. The film also realistically portrays numbers, theorems, problems, genius maths minds, ... and especially the IMO contest with contestants from around the world.

Contributing greatly to the success of A Brilliant Young Mind is the acting talent of the cast, especially Asa Butterfield who plays the role of Nathan Ellis and Sally Hawkins who portrays Nathan's mother. Each character of X + Y movie download give a sense of relatability and closeness.

Watching the characters, audiences feel like they can see themselves in them. They can feel Nathan’s tense when meeting splendiferous people, Nathan’s mother’s loneliness and worries, Zhang Mei’s studying pressure to live up to the expectation of her parents and family…
The X + Y movie download delivers profound messages.

Not only Nathan but also Zhang Mei, Nathan’s mother, or other math geniuses of Britain all have to deal with their own life decisions. Their doubts come from What path to pursue, what kind of person to become to considering between becoming a normal person who can cry, laugh, or a math genius who doesn’t even have the most basic social skills. The movie has a complete ending as every character has their own choice of life and the person they want to become.

A Brilliant Young Mind also praises the power of love, the most beautiful thing in the world. Love has the power to move people, change people, and fade the scars away while warming up lonely hearts. Nobody knows what would have happened to Nathan if there are not those people around him who love him with all his heart.

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"X + Y: A Young Brilliant Mind" is the depiction of math and love

Besides, the film addresses the problem of perceiving good students. Some people suffer fear, pressure, loneliness that they do not deserve. Some people will become a shame to the family if they don't bring back a medal or high performance... Disappointingly, the difference is you will be called a "prodigy" if you succeed, or become a "freak" if you fail. A Brilliant Young Mind will surely remind us to think about people's perceptions of today's students: being put under too much pressure, bearing too much expectation on academic achievement ...

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