X-Men Star Elliot Page First Time Went Public With His New Look Post Transgender Surgery

Hanima Anand |Mar 17, 2021

On his Instagram, Elliot Page published a full-length photo of him on Time magazine. This is the first time he went public with his new look after the transgender announcement in December last year.

Elliot Page, who appeared in several Hollywood blockbusters such as X-Men: The Last Stand or Inception, just had a quick interview with Time magazine where he shared his story of becoming who he really is. This is also the very first time he published his full look after the announcement of being a trans in December 2020.

Gender identity is sacrificed for acting career

Tracing back to the old days at the age of 9, Elliot Page realized how happy he was when his mother allowed him to cut his hair short. He wanted to be a boy and he even ask his mom whether he could be a boy someday.

Elliot Page On Time Magazine
Elliot Page featured on Time magazine cover (Photo: Instagram)

In every activity he’s in, Page tried to visualize him as a boy despite the girl image in others’ eyes. After he cut his hair, strangers started to perceive him differently, more like a boy, which made him excited.

Ironically, he could not live that joy for long as he was cast as a daughter in the movie Pit Pony. He loved acting and soon compromised his look to pursue the promising career. After Pit Pony went on air, he grew his hair again and lived in the form of a girl throughout his teenage years.

Elliot Page In Dress
He never felt comfortable in female dresses before coming out. (Photo: Buzzfeed)

During his acting career, some roles required him to cut his hair which brought him back to the pleasure of self-expression but when the next role came, his long hair was back. The story repeated itself from time to time until he was 21.

“I just never recognized myself. For a long time, I could not even look at a photo of myself.”

Surgery helped him to recognize himself in mirror

More than once he thought of quitting the film industry. Then he tried to convince himself it’s just fine as many weren’t lucky enough to get what he got at that age. Exhausted, he came out as gay in 2014.

Elliot Page Post Surgery
Tired of not recognizing himself, Page opted for the top surgery. (Photo: Instagram)

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However, it’s not until recently that he decided to get top surgery. Though some people said it’s unnecessary, Elliot Page shared that it made him recognize himself in the mirror.

“It has completely transformed my life.”

Elliot Page Transgender Announcement On Instagram
Page's announcement on his gender identity in 2020 (Photo: Instagram)

After having the surgery, Page felt like he got his energy back after so many years of feeling uncomfortable in his own body.

Elliot Page In Interview With Time
He wore casual clothes in the interview with Time. (Photo: Time)

Elliot Page movies

Elliot Page was born in 1987 in Canada. He had his first role in 1997 and has worked as a professional actor since then.

Elliot Page is associated with many successful movies in Hollywood and TV series. His breakthrough role in Juno in 2017 earned him a number of nominations at the most prestigious awards in the world such as Oscars, BAFTA, Golden Globe, or Critics’ Choice.

Some movies starring Elliot Page are Whip It (2009), Inception (2010), Tallulah (2016), X-Men series (2006 & 2014) and the hit series on Netflix The Umbrella Academy (2019).

Elliot Page And Emma Portner
Elliot Page got married to Emma Portner but the couple divorced recently.

With his new photo on Time cover, Elliot Page becomes the first openly trans man to be featured in this renowned magazine.

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