Veronica Movie Download: Spooky Film Based On A True Story In Spain

Salena Harshini |Oct 15, 2020

Veronica, based on a real-life story, is called the scariest movie on Netflix. Watch the horror Spanish film with our HD quality one!

Veronica is a famous Spanish supernatural horror movie directed by Paco Plaza who carved a niche with the acclaimed horror drama REC. Veronica, despite not being a huge hit as its senior, is also worth watching work. That is why Veronica movie download is here to serve you, especially those who are into the horror film genre.

Based on a true story, the flick is about a 15-year-old girl named Veronica (Sandra Escacena) who is the biggest child of her family. The young girl has to take care of her three siblings after the death of her father, helping her mother have more time to make ends meet.

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As she badly wants to see her father again, she asks her two close friends to accompany her and do a séance using an Ouija board. However, the ritual is interrupted as the girls were terrified and Veronica, unfortunately, gets possesses by a demonic spirit.

Now, she has to cope with the hardships in her everyday life while also has to find ways and get rid of the spirit that is trying to hurt her family.

Demonic possession and puberty psychology

With Veronica movie download, you will be able to see the combination of a supernatural phenomenon and the instability in the mind of those who are in their puberty. The age of 15 is the time with a load of obstacles to each individual as the youngsters start to feel the changes both physically and mentally but their minds are not well-built enough to deal with this.

The movie is about the possession of a young girl after a failed ritual

It is the invisible fear, the outrageous behaviors with others, or simply the period that triggers the nerve. The details in Veronica movie download will help others have a more thorough look into the life of Veronica as she has to be a mother figure to her siblings while her own mother does not sympathize with her even for once.

The clashes present in the film all start from the lack of family love and this seems to be the main message that filmmaker Paco Plaza wants to convey through the story of Veronica.

The part of Veronica is definitely a difficult role to be pulled off as it requires acting with complex emotions and gestures. However, Sandra Escacena, 17 at that time, did not disappoint the expectation of the director and the viewers.

The actress has carried a natural transformation from an innocent, pretty girl into one who has a battered mentality after the spiritual ritual.

The character was a beautiful and lively girl before the destined night

The fragile look of the talented lady in every frame of the work makes the viewers more sympathetic to the tragic fate Veronica has to bear.

The audience also witnesses every step of the demonic phenomenon with the main character's perspective through slow, metaphorical angles, as well as the transformation of psycho-physiological features of puberty into demonic manifestations.

Veronica had a very tight and engaging start when she focused on developing the main character. The intention of director Paco is very clear when he wants to focus on recreating the Spanish school scene in 1991 so that the audience can better understand the development of the main character.

Sandra Escacena is now a gorgeous lady and she is reportedly dating "Money Heist" star Miguel Herrán

If you are searching for Veronica movie download or Veronica movie download in Hindi 720p, you can watch the film right now.

Veronica movie download in Hindi dubbed HD 720p

Based on a famous true story

The film's inspiration was the popular Estefanía Gutiérrez Lázaro case. It is still a famous legend in Spain and all the people of the nation know the story.

Veronica movie download in Hindi 720p is based on a real-life event

Estefanía Gutiérrez Lázaro is a teenage girl who lived in the Madrid suburbs around the early 90s. Estefanía's parents said that her daughter bought an Ouija board and brought it to school in 1990. She used it to summon the soul of her boyfriend who passed away after a motorcycle accident. While her friends watched the progress in class, a nun came to the news and ran over to stop the incident. It is said that the nun has damaged the signboard and this terrifying ritual was interrupted.

After performing the ritual, she was possessed by a demon for months. Veronica movie download in Hindi dubbed HD 720p is like a short version of this petrifying story.

Veronica vs the real Estefanía Gutiérrez Lázaro

From experiencing seizures, having hallucinations to strange phenomena occurring in her house, the poor girl passed away after six nightmare months, unlike Veronica who is gone after three days. Estefanía’s life reached its end in August 1991.

What happened to Estefanía Gutiérrez Lázaro still remains a mystery. Director Paco Plaza admitted that he takes the inspiration from this real-life event to create his movie and a number of details have been altered as it graced the screens.

Make sure to download Veronica movie to watch this worthwhile horror work.

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