Get Some Popcorn And Pillow To Hug Before You Watch These 10 Most Haunted Movies In Hollywood!

Salena Harshini |Feb 05, 2021

These blood-curdling movies are praised as the major works of cinematic art. Challenge the limits of yourself with our top 10 horror film and you won't regret just a tad bit.

If you want to try something new rather than romantic movies or those heartfelt films, these horror/thriller flicks could do you justice. Touted as the most haunted movies in Hollywood, the below 10 films do not become an icon for no reason.

1/10 | The Shining (1980)

The Shining
Jack Nicholson's most iconic role is in The Shing.

The Shining is a monument to fans of the horror film genre. The classic work focuses on the mental instability of Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) when he has to stay in the Overlook hotel for too long until he wants to take his own son and wife’s lives.

The movie may be old and its special effects may not be comparable to those of modern films. Moreover, the acting might be slightly melodramatic. But no one can deny the values The Shining has left on the horror genre when it comes to the character development and the mystic ambiance that can haunt any viewer.

2/10 | The Conjuring series

The Conjuring
The movie string is named in a lot of most haunted movies in Hollywood lists.

The Conjuring is a famous horror movie universe created by the "king of horror" James Wan. The series follows Ed and Lorraine Warren who investigate real supernatural phenomena in America. Thereby, they encountered many terrifying spirits with different needs.

As one of the most haunted movies in Hollywood, The Conjuring hit the audience's psychology by the fears from the most daily things. Dolls are a very popular toy with girls. But they could turn into the most terrifying nightmare.

Hide and seek which is the childhood game almost everybody around the world also becomes creepy. Sleepwalking or strange noises under the bed, the door creaking…are enough to make the audience scream in the theater.

3/10 | The Silence Of The Lambs (1991)

The Silence Of The Lambs
The movie hits more with psychology manipulation instead of jump scares.

The Silence of The Lambs is a super classic about criminal psychology. The movie is adopted from Thomas Harris' 1988 novel and surrounds a cannibal, a doctor named Hannibal Lecter. As a young FBI agent comes to seek help from the savage criminal, the film portrays an iconic mind battle.

The realistic shots, incredible acting of the titular roles will make the viewers feel the chill down their spine. The Silence of The Lambs won the Big Five Oscar awards:  Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Adapted Screenplay

4/10 | Annabelle series


Annabelle has probably been too popular with horror movie fanatics. Originally from the movie universe The Conjuring, Annabelle is the soul of a deceased girl with the same name. The spirit merges into a terrifying doll. And just like that, Annabelle spreads terror over every family that owns it and makes them live every day in fear.

The film is also among the most haunted movies of Hollywood.

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5/10 | Psycho (1960)

Psycho is even horrifying to its own cast.

Inspired by the best-seller with the same name of Robert Block, the movie got controversial reviews but still collected huge incomes and audience interest. The man suffering from paranoia opens a hotel for overnight guests. However, any girl who stays there would become the prey for the perverted killer.

Released in 1960, the movie caused a panic in theaters. The audience had no idea what they were watching until the horrible scenes appeared. Consequently, many people had to flee the theater. The film also haunts actress Janet Leigh for a long time. After playing being stabbed while taking a classic shower in Psycho, she no longer dares to take a shower in real life.

Many mysteries also happened to the crew after the filming finished. That's why it is one of the cursed horror movies.

6/10 | Insidious series

Another series to be the most horror movies in Hollywood list is Insidious. The films follow psychic Elise Rainer who helps families escape from the spirits haunting them. Insidious is famous for the cruel objects like Bride in Black, Michael Crane, Lipstick-Faced Demon, KeyFace, and more.

7/10 | Hereditary

The scariest part of Hereditary is not even this photo.

Hereditary is considered one of the best horror masterpieces in the world. With many scenes that are even haunting for veteran audiences, the film depicts the tragic drama of the Graham family. It thereby incorporates many subtle metaphorical details about spirituality and religion.

As an outstanding name among the most haunted movies in Hollywood, the film is made from a different perspective. In detail, the nightmare here does not come directly from the creepy ghosts but belongs to a family secret. The kind of poignancy it gives is the usual entertaining one we experience.

8/10 | Get Out

Get Out
Do not miss out on this masterpiece of the decade!

Get Out is a spine-chilling movie about racism. Jordan Peele is the talented director behind these most haunted movies of Hollywood.

He has cleverly used metaphorical details and images to emphasize the horror and consequences of world racism.

The plot is about Chris Washington (Daniel Kaluuya) who comes to meet his girlfriend’s family. The man then discovers the horrifying secrets at the place and fights for his life to escape.

9/10 | A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place
A Quiet Place leaves a big impact on the audience with its intense moments.

True to its name, A Quiet Place is about a land where everyone must keep themselves as quiet as possible. A single sound or a small breath could make you prey of the creatures. If you want to enjoy this movie, be prepared to strain your eyes and hold your breath to watch every smallest move of the main character's family.

The movie definitely deserves to be among the most haunted movies in Hollywood.

10/10 | The Exorcist

The Exorcist
The most haunted movies in Hollywood list cannot exclude The Exorcist.

The Exorcist tells the story of a little girl possessed by a demon, Regan Macneil (Linda Blair). The Regan family then found a priest to perform the exorcism ceremony for the girl.

The Exorcist used to be a cinematic phenomenon in North America in 1973. The film is based on the real events of a 1949 exorcism as recorded in the book of the author. This is also the first horror movie to be nominated for the category of Best Movie in Oscar history.

At the beginning of its premiere, the film made some viewers dizzy, vomit, and fainted with fear. When the movie just came out in the UK, some movie theater owners actively arranged medical staff and ambulance to prevent any incidents.

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