Cuteness Overload! Top 9 Penguin Movies For Those Wishing To Be Kids Again

Hanima Anand |Aug 20, 2020

From penguin movie Madagascar series to the penguin movie with Jim Carrey, these films can make you watch for the entire day and laugh like a kid. Check the list and watch them for free!

Penguin is an adorable animal with their innocent face and a floppy walking style. It’s not a coincidence that many filmmakers are inspired by this creature, leading to a series of blockbuster penguin movies among which the Penguins of Madagascar seem to be the most famous.

However, there are many more penguin films that guarantee the audience the same cuteness overloaded atmosphere while watching them. Check our best penguin movie list and where to watch them online below!

Penguin movie Madagascar – Best penguin movie of all ages

Penguins of Madagascar might be the most well-known penguin movie cartoon in the world, regardless of nationalities and ages. The film was first released in 2014 as a home video in America. Its official name is Penguins of Madagascar: The Movie to distinguish itself from the Nickelodeon TV series that have the same name as The Penguins of Madagascar.

Penguin Movies 1
Never has seen a spy movie that looks so adorable before.

Though the film and the series share similar main characters, their content are not linked to each other at all. Instead, the penguin movie animated type that we are talking about is a part of the Madagascar film series which features the adventures of Central Park Zoo animals in Africa and New York.

Penguins of Madagascar is categorized as spy-action comedy and made out of a $132 million budget. Gaining up to $373 million, the movie is still declared a box office flop in terms of finance. However, fans are more than excited about this penguin film, constantly praising its humor, plot and animation.

Penguin Movies 2
The familiar cast of Madagascar series, including the clever penguins.

The most famous penguin movie of Madagascar follows the journey of three penguin brothers: Skipper, Kowalski and Rico. Tom McGrath voiced the leader, Chris Miller took charge of Kowalski while Conrad Vernon voiced the youngest Rico. Some other stars in the project were Christopher Knight, Benedict Cumberbatch and Ken Jeong, etc.

Below is the list of best penguin movie Madagascar series and free links to watch online!

Other worth-watching penguin movie list

Other than the penguin movies Madagascar, there are many films about this cute animal that you may want to watch. Following is our list of best penguin movies available till now.

Penguin Movies 3
Jim Carrey penguin movie can't be missed for comedy fans.

Mr. Popper’s Penguins (2011)

This penguin movie with Jim Carrey is the most popular penguin film with human characters. It’s released in 2011 as a comedy film by Mark Waters.

Mr. Popper’s Penguins is made loosely based on the 1938 book of the same name by Richard Atwater and Florence Atwater. The film stars many famous actors other than Jim Carrey, namely Carla Gugino, Angela Lansbury and Philip Baker Hall.

The film tells the story of Popper, a divorced real estate entrepreneur whose father travelled across the globe during his childhood. After his father died, Popper received a penguin named Captain as a ‘souvenir’ from his father’s trip to Antarctica. Due to miscommunications, Popper ended up receiving 5 more penguins and his children thought that’s their birthday presents.

The man reluctantly took care of penguins but decided to give them to the zoo. However, this decision led to a series of ordeals for Jim Carrey’s character, forcing him to rethink.

The film is among the most meaningful penguin movies you will ever watch. It not only teaches us about the wildlife but also reminds people of family relationships.

Made on a budget of $55 million, the penguin movie with Jim Carrey earned back $187 million of grossing. This can be considered a success at the time it's released.

Watch Mr. Popper’s Penguins online for free.

Happy Feet (2006)

Another penguin movie cartoon that melts the heart of both adults and children is Happy Feet by George Miller in 2006. The film also has its 2nd installment in 2011 named Happy Feet Two.

Penguin Movies 4
The movie is so successful that it already released the second sequel.

Happy Feet features the journey of a penguin called Mumble in finding his own song to attract his lover, but it’s also his unique tap-dancing that causes him many troubles with the group. This penguin movie raises awareness of individual difference respect as well as what is the true value of a person.

Gaining nearly $385 million in box office collection, Happy Feet also received wide recognition from movie critics. It won Best Animated Feature award from the Oscars and was nominated as Best Animated Film in other renowned awards.

You can watch or download Happy Feet movie here.

March of the Penguins (2005)

Among all penguin movies in this list, March of the Penguins might be the most special as it’s a documentary, co-produced by the France-based Bonne Pioche production house and National Geographic Society.

March of the Penguins is written and directed by Luc Jacquet, depicting the life of emperor penguins in Antarctica.

After one year shooting, the penguin documentary was released in 2005 simultaneously in French and English. It was then narrated in different languages, including Hindi by Amitabh Bachchan.

March of the Penguins won the Best Documentary feature from the 2006 Academy Award. Made out of a modest budget $8 million, this penguin movie got $127.4 million in grossing for the producers. If you are a nature-lover and keen on watching documentaries, March of the Penguins is definitely a must-watch.

Watch March of the Penguins movie in Hindi free download.

Above is the collection of best penguin movies from Starbiz team. Hope you have nice time watching these adorable works along with your family, friends and also children if have.

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