It’s Not A Coincidence, The Unknown Secrets Why Many Cartoon Characters Are Yellow

Leela Adwani |Mar 09, 2021

If you are a big fan of animation movies, you probably realize that many of your favorite characters are also yellow.

Once talking about yellow, we might instantly think of the color of the sun, fall leaves. However, if you are a big fan of animation movies, you probably realize that some of your favorite characters are also yellow.

Here is everything we have known so far.


Along with red and blue, yellow is one of the most primary colors and it’s extremely distinct. These three colors are examples of contrasting hues.

Yellow Cartoon Characters
Yellow makes the character stand out in a blue background.

Meanwhile, blue and yellow are lying on two opposite sides of the spectrum and they are able to make each other stand out. Blue is mostly used for backgrounds like the sky, sea, and many more. It’s understandable why yellow is usually for the main character as this color will make them bright and noticeable.


In terms of psychology, yellow is traditionally linked with joy and happiness. Research also found that the majority of participants agreed yellow makes them think of the positive things.

Yellow Cartoon Characters 2
Yellow is believed to bring joy and happiness.

That’s why this special characteristic makes this color become a perfect choice for many cartoon filmmakers to create an easygoing and cheerful character.

Kids-friendly color

Normally, yellow is also seen in advertising for kids as it brings them positive emotions. Obviously, it’s not a coincidence when we are usually bombarded with several Marketing campaigns using yellow for their packaging.

Color Of Kids
The color of kids

It draws attention

However, yellow doesn’t always come with positive meanings. Because it’s relatively visible, turns out, it’s also used for alerts that can grab other people’s attention.

It Helps Attract Attention
It helps draw attention.

We can usually see this color in road signs, traffic lights, and many more. The benefit of making the audience pay more attention is once again seen in cartoons.

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