Open Your Eyes, Open Your Mind: Best Foreign Shows That You Should Not Miss

Kimmy Karima |Aug 04, 2019

There are many TV series that are too good to be missed. So although they’re not in English, they’re surely interesting enough for you to enjoy.

So many shows, so little time? This is actually the case for almost every audience in the world. Therefore, you should choose what you watch as wisely as possible.

And actually, you shouldn’t limit your choices to only domestic TV series, because you would miss a lot of great shows that way. Widen your horizon a bit and take a look at some foreign shows below - they’re really worthy of your time!

Foreign Web Series
Korean cinema has many worth-watching movies.


This is a South Korean series, which received a lot of rave reviews. It’s the story of Prince Yi-Chang in Joseon period, who has the mission to conduct an investigation into a mysterious plague. The series starts impressively and plays out at a fast pace.

Prince Yi-Chang must prevent the spread of the plague, while also handling the conspiracy in the palace, of which the purpose is to dethrone him. Kingdom has an absorbing plot and a complicated main character. The images and colors in the series are also amazing to watch.

Parfum (Perfume)

This German series is inspired by the same-name novel and the 2006 film Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. Since the release, this crime series has received very good international reviews. It starts with a murder, in which the victim’s pubic and axillary hair has been removed.

The investigators encounter five former boarding school students, who are friends with the victim and used to experiment with human scents. Then a couple of other cases attract attention because the victims are treated the same way as the first one. This is a nerve-wracking but very smart show!

Les Revenants (The Returned)

This is a French supernatural series, based on the 2004 French film They Came Back. Les Revenants sets in a small mountain town, where dead people return to their homes, just like normal people. Among them are an accident victim, a murdered boy, etc.

And when they return, strange things happen around the town. Though it may sound extremely scary, the plot is indeed very captivating and emotional.

La Casa De Papel (Money Heist)

This Spanish heist series has created quite a bang even outside of its original territory. The first two parts are about a carefully-prepared assault on the Royal Mint of Spain. This affair is implemented by a team of people, whose names are like big cities.

The boss behind this all is someone called The Professor. The plot promises to keep you fascinated and amazed from the beginning until the end.

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This is a Spanish teen drama about students at an elite secondary school. Three working-class friends have a chance to go to the most exclusive private school in Spain, just because their school collapses due to faulty construction. At first, the rich kids boycott them.

But then, they gradually befriend some wealthy kids, whose lives are very different from each other. Apart from school life, there are also tense twists like drug selling, sex, extreme emotions, and murder.

La Foret (The Forest)

This is another French series with a crime theme. There’s an investigation around the missing of a teenage girl, who disappears in a forest in the Ardennes, France. From that, the series brings about many secrets of the towns. Anyway, this is not a scary show. It’s stimulating, but still gentle to your mind.

Suburra: Blood on Rome

This is an Italian crime series set in Rome. Suburra is based on real-life events and looks into the power clashes and corruption among organized crime, politicians, etc. There are a vast number of characters in this series and their collision will keep you absorbed. This is also a high-quality show with a carefully-written plot and amazingly-shot frames.

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