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Leela Adwani |May 16, 2020

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Spanish series Money Heist (La casa de Papel) has been stirring up a storm across the world. Heist crime drama is truly a phenomenon in the global film industry. Both the audiences and the critics can’t stop praising this top-notch none-English film for not only its breathtaking narrative but also the impeccable performance of the cast. That’s stand to the reasons that the demand to watch the Money Heist download version is still growing.

Earlier, in April, while the whole world had been put into lockdown, Netflix released its latest season, the fourth installment. We have to say, it’s lit. It’s not far off the mark to say the series brings thrill, tragedy, and of course, romance, and that keeps the viewers at the edge of their seats.

Money Heist Download 3
Where to download full seasons of Money Heist is a much-asked question

For those who are unversed, the series was initially a limited series with two seasons only. However, they had failed to become a hit until Netflix made it available in its international category in December 2017. Yes, the film itself and the life of the case has stepped into a new phase of their life. Money Heist made it to the list of most-loved series of many and the cast has become the big names in the global film industry. Everyone knows them, the number of their followers on social media has skyrocketed.


Money Heist Download 2
The professor and his gang

Before knowing where to have a Money Heist download version, take a look at its plot. In a nutshell, the film which is a crime drama available on Netflix revolves around the story of eight thieves with different code names. They take hostages and lock themselves in the Royal Mint of Spain in season 1 and 2 to print euros and in the Bank of Spain in season 3,4 and maybe season 5 to steal goals. They work under the direction of a criminal mastermind who calls himself The Professor. He is the one manipulating the police to carry out the plans.

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Money Heist song download

It’s not far off the mark to say the success of a film is contributed by its soundtrack. Money Heist is no exception. The playlist of the series is also a hit itself. If Money Heist download is worth watching, the Money Heist song download list is worth listening to.

The first and foremost is hands down the theme song Bella Ciao which is an Italian anti-fascist song. It’s played several times throughout the whole series and accompanied by two key scenes. The first one is at the end of season one when the Professor and Berlin sang it before the heist. Meanwhile, the second one is when the thieves find the escape from the Mint.

My Life Is Going On is also one of the highlights of the film’s soundtrack playlist. Composed by Manel Santisteban, the song is usually played after the title sequence.

If you want to have the song list into your phone to listen offline, check it here.

Where to download Money Heist?

As Money Heist is available on Netflix, as long as you have an account on this streaming platform, you can watch and download full seasons here. However, you have to pay a monthly fee to use its service.

Money Heist Download
The poster of Money Heist season 4

Therefore, here is an alternative option. You can access here to get Money Heist download version with high quality.

Life of the cast after the success of Money Heist

The real life of our favorite characters from our favorite series has always fulfilled our curiosity. It’s not wrong to say their life has been changed completely after the show was premiered on Netflix. They are recognized by the public and are thronged by paparazzi anywhere they come. The overwhelming and sudden stardom that they are enjoying is something many people wish for.

Money Heist Cast Real Age And Life Partners 6
Real-life couple of the series

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People are also interested in whether we have a couple after the show. The answer is YES. It would come as a surprise that Denver (played by Jaime Lorente) and Alison Parker (played by Maria Pedraza) are a real-life couple. For those who don’t know, even though they don’t play as a couple in Money Heist, they acted as a secret couple in another Spanish and hot series Elite season 1. The lovebirds first met each other on the set of Money Heist and it seems like their love blossoms while collaborating in Elite. Pictures showing them kissing and walking hand in hand went viral on the Internet and fans cannot get enough of their cuteness.

Hope with the above-mentioned addresses, you can get a high-quality Money Heist download version. However, we still recommend you to watch and download it on the legal website. So, Enjoy Your Time!


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