Mrs Serial Killer Movie Download | Is It The Worst Film Of The Year?

Leela Adwani |May 08, 2020

Be far cry from the expectation of the audiences, Mrs Serial Killer seems to be a huge flop of the year. Here is how to download the film!

After months of waiting, Jacqueline Fernandez-starrer Mrs. Serial Killer finally premieres on Netflix on May 1. Written and helmed by Shirish Kunder, produced by his wife Faran Khan, the film is a crime thriller drama. Even though the film got a lot of negative reviews from the critics, the demand to watch Mrs Serial Killer movie download is still increasing.

In the post below, you will not only get Mrs Serial Killer download link but also read facts surrounding this Jacqueline Fernandez starrer.

Mrs Serial Killer movie download
The film premieres on Netflix on 1 May

In the light of Coronavirus, when everything including the entertainment activities has been put into a halt. Cinema halls have to temporarily close, filmmakers across the world freak out because their film business was severely affected. A lot of films can’t be screened even during its schedule theatrical run while others have to postpone their release date. An alternative way that many makers opted amid the pandemic is to premiere on the online streaming service. However, this poses higher threats of being leaked out. It also reasons why Mrs Serial Killer movie download was out immediately when the film was released on digital platform.

Mrs Serial Killer Plot & Critic Reviews

Before knowing where to watch Mrs Serial Killer movie download, take a look at its plot. The film revolves around the story of a married couple, Sona Mukherjee (played by Jacqueline Fernandez) and Mrityunjoy (played by Manoj Bajpayee). They are living a happy life with each other but an upheaval suddenly occurs. Sona’s former boyfriend named Imran Shahid (played by Mohit Raina) who is an inspector frames her husband Mrityunjoy for the murder of 6 women. The sentence totally leaves Sona in shock and she gives extra miles to prove him innocent. The woman later commits a copycat murder.

Mrs Serial Killer movie download 1
Mrs Serial Killer download is said to be the worst film of the year

For the first time, STARBIZ reviewer gave a film one-star rate but he actually did for the film of Bollywood bombshell Jacqueline. Be far cry from the expectation of the audiences, Mrs Serial Killer seems to be a huge flop of the year.

In his review, Mohnish Singh wrote,

“The basic premise of Mrs. Serial Killer sounds intriguing enough to keep you hooked, but the execution and treatment of the film is so ineffectual that it turns you off almost immediately. It is a very confused film to say the least, with no idea of what it is trying to achieve. If you are a fan of crime thrillers, trust me, you would have never seen a film as dull and slack as Mrs Serial Killer.

The main problem of the film lies with its poor writing and slapdash screenplay. Writer-director Shirish Kunder has never really been known for writing out-of-the-box concepts, but Mrs Serial Killer is a new low in his writing career. While watching the film, you keep wondering if you have signed up for a crime thriller or a comic-caper. Ironically, it does not even let you laugh heartily.”

Check out full Mrs Serial Killer movie review by Starbiz in the link!

It seems like a poor script is the main culprit of the film’s failure. Not just this, when it comes to the performance of the female lead, our film critic posed a question on why Jacqueline said yes to play the lead role in this film. Not only did she struggle with her Hindi speaking skill but also her performance. He concluded that the actress doesn’t fit the bill.

Having said that, the search for Mrs Serial Killer full movie download is still increasing. This might be due to the influence of Jacqueline, not the film performance itself.

Mrs Serial Killer movie download 2
The film failed to impress the audiences

Meanwhile, the title of Hindustantimes’ review ridiculously said that Mrs Serial Killer is more torturous than the lockdown. We can’t stop laughing with this title, the reviewer seemed to have a great sense of humor and also hands down a relatively profound man. It goes without saying that lockdown is a nightmare for many and the most tedious time ever but Jacqueline-starrer film even raised the bar higher for the boredom.

He, with no mercy, wrote that the film disrespected the audiences’ intelligence and it also pretends like it has been in the joke. He also affirmed that Mrs Serial Killer is one of the worst movies of the year 2020. In fact, you must watch Mrs Serial Killer movie download to confirm or ditch this comment. Find the link below!

Mrs Serial Killer movie download 3
Jacqueline plays the role of a loyal wife

The review’s title of The Telegraph India even left you more stunned as they said Shirish Kunder-directorial film is not only the worst movie of the year like what Hindustantimes wrote but also the worst film we would have watched in a long time. The film reviewer wrote that it has escaped every type of quality control check from directing, acting to editing, cinematography.

However, according to our film critic Monish Singh, Production Design and Cinematography are two only highlights of the film.

Where to download Mrs Serial Killer movie?

Despite many bad reviews for the film, Mrs Serial Killer movie download has still triggered the curiosity of the viewers. Many want to watch the film and figure out how terrible it is or simply confirm what other people have said about the film. If you are the same, check Mrs Serial Killer full movie download.

Watch the trailer:

The number says otherwise:

This fact is bound to go beyond your imagination but Mrs Serial Killer made it to the top of Netflix. It is currently in a high position on the streaming platform’s chart for the 7th day in a row.

Recently, Jacqueline took to her Instagram handle to share a series of pictures with her new friend Jenny. While her fans can’t stop praising her beauty, her strong energy, the high spirit in this picture, producer Farah brought her a piece of good news on the comment section.

Mrs Serial Killer movie download 4
Jacqueline's post and Farah's comment

She wrote,

"N congrats baby!! We r no.1 movie on Netflix 7th day in a row.”

Off-screen life of Mrs Serial Killer cast

Earlier, Jackqueline Fernandez shared the character posters on her social media grid and explained that her role in Mrs. Serial Killer is extremely close to her heart. In the film, she essayed the role of a loyal wife and it seems like she means she will be also a wife like Sona in the future.

Not just this, the actress also decided to change her profile name on Instagram to Jackeline Fernandez. To be honest, this pr trick from Jacqueline did succeed to some extent when the search for Mrs Serial Killer movie download surges even before it was released.

Mrs Serial Killer movie download 5
The film marks the debut of Amir Khan's niece, Zayn Marie Khan

Farah Khan recently publicly praised the newbie Zayn Marie who is known to be the nice of Bollywood megastar Amir Khan for her performance in the film and said how life has come full circle for this debutant.

For those who are unversed, Mrs. Serial Killer marked the debut of Zayn Marie. Even though the film is said to be one of the worst films in 2020, when it comes to the media coverage level, Zayan is successful to a certain extent. Eventually, she is widely known by the audiences even in a terrible film.

Hope you have some quality time with Mrs Serial Killer movie download version and get the answer to the question whether it’s truly terrible as the reviews. Enjoy your time!

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