"Khamoshi" Review: A Tale Of Survival That Goes Down Familiar Paths Too Often

Mohnish Singh |Jun 15, 2019

Starring Tamannaah and Prabhudeva in lead roles, Khamoshi is an adaptation of Hollywood film, Hush. The movie opens in theatres across the country today. Here’s what our reviewer feels about the supernatural horror flick.

Horror as a genre has not thrived in Indian cinema as much as it has in Hollywood. Bollywood and other popular film industries nationwide have been making horror flicks ever since the Indian film industry came into existence. But if one sits down to count some great horror films that can compete with horror movies in Hollywood, then our numbers fall terribly sort.

Today has released yet another supernatural horror flick titled Khamoshi. Tamannaah and Prabhudeva are playing the lead characters in the movie. Khamoshi is an adaptation of American slasher film, Hush (2016). Without further ado, let us find out how Khamoshi is. Does it really make you jump from your seat?

Khamoshi Movie Poster
Khamoshi movie poster

Young and beautiful Surbhi (Tamannaah) has all the riches in the world, from overflowing bank balance to a sprawling bungalow in London. However, the deaf and mute girl has no interest in the money that belongs to her. Soon Surbhi gets into a lot of trouble when she decides to use the property that she inherited from her adoptive mother towards making some difference in the lives of orphans living in an Indian orphanage. However, her decision does not go down well with Dev (Prabhudeva), the real son of her late adoptive mother. To know what unfolds next, watch the film in the theatre nearest to you.

Is Khamoshi Worth Watching?

Well, I am disappointed after watching Khamoshi in a theatre earlier today. Just like many cinephiles out there, I too love watching thrillers and since the Chakri Toleti directorial belongs to the same genre, my expectations were a little high from the movie. However, after watching the film, it felt like some threw a lot of cold water on my excitement.

Khamoshi starts off on a great note. You feel you have entered the theatre to watch a brilliantly made film. However, some 20-30 minutes into the movie, you realize you have probably ended up investing your hard-earned money and precious time into a film that is painfully slow, unoriginal and dull to the core.

The biggest problem with the film is its paper-thin storyline which is further marred by poor writing and slapdash screenplay. Besides some breathtakingly beautiful cinematography and the sprawling bungalow where most of the film unfolds, there is nothing that looks convincing and impressive.

Talking about performances, Tamannaah is just okay. Her poorly written character does not give her enough scope to show her mettle. Her talent is completely wasted here. As for Prabhudeva, he too fails to put up a show that you would like to buy a ticket to. In a nutshell, Khamoshi has nothing to glue you to the screen.

Final Verdict

If you have seen the original film Hush, there is nothing much on the platter for you. In case, you have not watched the Hollywood movie as yet, you can give Khamoshi a shot. However, I would advise you to to keep your expectations not very high while entering the theatre. I am going with 2 stars.

Movie Details

Banner: PYX Films, Pooja Entertainment
Director: Chakri Toleti
Starring: Tamannaah, Prabhudeva, Bhumika Chawla
Runtime: 86 Minutes
STARBIZ Rating: 2/5

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