Hate Story 4 Movie Download | Hottest Erotic Thriller Of The Year

Leela Adwani |Jun 06, 2020

The film contains a lot of erotic scenes that are bound to keep you at the edge of your seat.

Starring Bollywood bombshell Urvashi Rautela, Hate Story 4 was one of the hotly anticipated films of the year 2018. With several semi-naked-body and steamy sex scenes, the fourth installment of the hit franchise Hate Story was creating quite a buzz among the audience. Despite a mixed response on the content of the film, Hate Story 4 Movie Download keyword always tops the trend on search engines.

Hate Story 4 Movie Download
Hate Story 4 Movie Download

Other than Urvashi Rautela, the film also features Karan Wahi and Vivan Bhatena in an important role. Hate Story 4 is a revenge thriller drama that was helmed by Vishal Pandya and penned by Sameer Arora.

Rautela essays the role of a lassie named Tasha whose mesmerizing killer looks can stun a pair of brothers Aryan (played by Bhatena) and Rajveer (played by Wahi and their dapper middle-aged father (played by Grover). The fact is that the maker of Hate Story 4 tried to build the film based on the recipe that revenge story always makes for good thrills.

Hate Story 4 Movie Download 2
It contains a lot of hot scenes

Before knowing where to get Hate Story 4 Movie Download version, take a look at its plot.

In a nutshell, the film revolves around two brothers fight each other to gain the affection of the same girl. However, they don’t know that this girl has an ulterior motive to manipulate both of them.

The viewers can see a distinct difference in the tone of the film in the two halves. The first half showcases erotic thrills with a lot of cheesy dialogues that surely invite the wrath of a group of audiences who support feminism. It alludes to the idea that men allow themselves to have the right to objectify women and finally bed them. Aryan and Rajveer usually spike women’s drinks, then lie, cheat, and do everything to seduce them.

No prize for guessing, the beauty, and appeal of Tasha who starts off as a dancer in a strip club quickly catches the eyes of two brothers and she is the reason behind the competition between them.

The second half witnessed the dramatic changes in the behaviors of two men. They turn from cocky jocks to vile antagonists. It’s not hard to make the audience hate them as they are too bad. When the story unfolds, Urvashi’s character gets a lot of twists, reveals, and turns.

Watch the trailer:

If you are seeking a website to get Hate Story 4 Movie Download version, congrats, you are in the right place. You can access it here to get the link.

However, as you have already known, downloading films from piracy websites might land you in some trouble. Leaking films without permission from the makers is illegal in India. Despite the extra effort of the authorities to combat cybercriminals, the community of the illegal sites is still thriving.

They turn out to be a real troublemaker and nightmare of many filmmakers and creators. They have to have a financial loss to endure.

We still recommend you watch and download the film on the legal platform, so think wisely before clicking the download button on the link we have inserted. Remember, it’s just an alternative option.

Hate Story 4 Movie Download 3
A lot of hot bodies are seen in the film

After watching Hate Story 4 movie download, you might be curious about the reactions and the reviews from the critics. We’ll show you some.

Indianexpress gave the film only one star with the title “Acting, What’s that?” According to them, the film is all about hot bodies and has no ambitions.

However, it’s not that bad as the taste and the perspective of each person is different. Times of India gave the film 2.5 stars. For those who are unversed, they also rated 2020 super hit Baaghi 3 2.5. They said, the film has too much erotica on offer and many twists are too predictable.

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Hate Story 4 Movie Download Ft
Hate Story 4 poster

Speaking of Hate Story 4 star, Urvashi Rautela is no stranger to sexiness and that stands to the reason she is the most suitable one for the role Tasha in the film. The model-turned-actress has won several beauty competitions when she was young. She is among the Bollywood actresses who are blessed with flawless skin without any pimples or marks.

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Post the film, 1994 born Urvashi Rautela have grabbed more eyeballs from the public. She is enjoying her single life to the fullest and doesn’t need any man in life. The actress usually shares sexy pictures on social media and needless to say, such photos are enough to make millions of men across the country go weak at their knees.

Hope the Hate Story 4 movie download version can give you some quality time.


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