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Leela Adwani |May 29, 2020

Starring Vineet Kumar Singh and Aahana Kumra, Betaal marked the second series of Shah Rukh Khan on this giant streaming service. Get link for Betaal movie download here!

Betaal is a newly released web series that revolves around the story in a far-flung village serving as the battleground between the British Indian Army and the Indian police. Produced by Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment, Betaal turned out to be a hotly awaited series on Netflix. That stands to the reason behind the increasing trending on the keyword Betaal movie download on search engines.

Keep calm and scroll down below, you will find free links for Betaal movie download free online!

Betaal premieres on Netflix on 24 May while Betaal full movie download is leaked out right after.

Due to the pandemic, millions of people across the world were laid off, thousands of companies went bankrupt but media-services providers’ business is getting thriving than ever. As all cinema halls are temporarily closed, many makers decided to premiere their films on the streaming platforms. This also leads to easier leak-out of new films, such as Betaal movie download for free.

Starring Vineet Kumar Singh and Aahana Kumra, Betaal marked the second series of Shah Rukh Khan on this giant streaming service. However, it seems like the show doesn’t go down well with the audiences and the critics. It got several bad reviews from leading entertainment portals. Despite that fact, Betaal movie download search still witnesses a dramatic surge after the film was released.

It's the second series of Shah Rukh Khan on this giant streaming service

Before getting where to get Betaal movie download version or Betaal season 1 download, let’s take a look at its plot.

The 4-episode series talks about a squad of commandos who are deployed to displace the residents in Nilja village. The tribals don’t want to budge and that then leads to a forced evacuation. A zombie attack and an ancient curse are later unearthed.

Times of India gave the series 2 stars while NDTV rated it only 1.5 stars. Hindustantimes said that Betaal is not the first series of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan on Netflix but it’s just as disappointing as his debut, Bard of Blood. Because the show was produced under his production house banner, we tend to expect too much on another hit series. However, everything seemed to go up in smoke as the bad reviews on Betaal movie download season 1 are currently flooding on the Internet.

Betaal Movie Download 3
Our film reviewer praises on the performance of the cast

With the title “A Dark But Dull Tale of Zombies & Bloodbath,” our movie reviewer Mohnish Singh gave the film 2.5 stars. He wrote,

“Betaal lacks spine-chilling moments which make you jump out of your seat. If you have not seen any zombie show or film before, then you may find the very concept of the series novel and nail-biting. For those who have binge-watched legions of zombie shows and movies in the past, it is certainly not worth their time. Having said that, the terrific climax of the series is unmissable.”

He also said that the scale of the show seems to be formidable and massive though the storyline is not strong enough to keep the audiences on the edge of their seat. This makes the entire exercise become meaningless and empty. With this comment, we guess the search for Betaal movie download free is just due to curiosity about its failure.

When it comes to the performance of the cast, Mohnish said they have done a brilliant job, especially Vineet Kumar. The actor is said to be the backbone of the entire series. However, some scenes in the film are totally not impactful. One of the main reasons that make the series get a negative response from the audience is that the makers want to say so much in a very little time. Normally, the standard length of a series is from around 6 to 8 episodes. Meanwhile, Betaal movie download has only 4 episodes.

Check out Betaal full review here!

However, it contains many details but the duration of the total series is too short

Regardless of the negative reviews about the films on the Internet, we believe that Betaal movie download can beat your quarantine blues or at least pass the time effectively. Find the link after the movie trailer below!

For those who are unversed, on the edge of the release, the series Betaal was in legal trouble because two Marathi writers Mahesh Goswami and Sameer Wadekar had filed a case alleging that the makers have plagiarized their zombie drama Vetaal’s story.

It started when the official trailer of Betaal was out and the writer duo saw it. They were too surprised when seeing a lot of similarities between their work and Shah Rukh Khan’s series. Without a doubt, they instantly moved Bombay High Court to file a case against the makers of Betaal. They affirmed that they had never pitched their script to SRK’s production house Red Chillies Entertainment. Sameer reported that they found at least 10 points in Betaal that are similar to theirs.

Scroll down and you will find the link to Betaal full movie download season 1 below this trailer!

If you are in search of Betaal movie download, you are in the right place. You can access this link to get the Betaal full movie download HD version of the series.

As downloading films on piracy websites may land you in some trouble, we still recommend you watch the Betaal on the legal streaming platform.

Betaal Movie Download 5
Several plot points in Betaal are found similar to another series.

Hope you will have some quality watching experience with the Betaal movie download version. Enjoy your time!

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