Young But Unavailable: Why It’s Good To Have A Long-Term Relationship Early On

Kimmy Karima |Oct 28, 2019

Most people tell you that you should spend your youth experimenting and exploring your options. While that is partly true, there are still many advantages of being in a long-term relationship when you’re young!

What should you do when you’re in your 20s? Trying to figure out who you are? Having parties with friends? Dating? In other words, doing everything you want to, with no strings attached! What about being in a steady relationship?

Oops, doesn’t that sound scary to you? That shouldn’t do! In fact, you’ll be surprised to know how many advantages there are to have a stable love life when you’re still really young, like 20 years old or so.

You’ll have the good and the better

You’ll have time to focus on your career. Photo: iStock.

If you have a stable love bond while you’re in your 20s, you’ll actually have more time to focus on your goals, simply because you don’t have to spend time dating around. Your partner would understand if you accept a part-time job and wouldn’t be able to go out on weekends.

Or if you refuse a date night because you have to finish a personal project. Then when you reach your goals, you’d feel much better. Success is sweeter when someone is there to share the joy with you, right?

You have the love that so many people are dreaming of

Your love may be many’s dreams.

Many people are wishing upon a star to have a long-time partner. They may have spent a lot of time looking for their soulmates but haven’t found them. So don’t you see that you’re one of the lucky few who don’t have to worry about finding “the one” anymore? It’s just relieving, isn’t it?

Someone is waiting for you at the end of the day

It’s nice to have someone hugging you after a tiring day.

The feeling of knowing that someone is waiting for you after a hectic day is priceless. If that feeling doesn’t make you happy, then we don’t know what does! After a long, tiring day, there’s someone looking out for you, to love you and comfort you, to give you a kiss. That’s the exact definition of true romance!

You have a company in tough times

Every journey becomes smoother with your partner by your side.

Your life is not perfect, just like anyone else’s. But when the going gets tough, you know you don’t have to walk alone. Because you have someone to rely on, someone to encourage you, to hold your hands and lead you through the dark. All the difficulties seem to become less terrifying when you have a trustworthy company, that’s the rule of life!

You have only one person to have sex with, and that’s certainly a good thing

Less worry about STDs…

People at your age have sexual desires and you’re no exception. But having sex with more than one person puts you in the risk of getting infected with STDs. That would hardly be a problem if you’re in a long-term commitment because now you only have one person to sleep with, don’t you? Of course the STDs can still pay you a visit for some reason, but definitely, the risk is much, much lower.

You’ll have the whole package

Your partner may be the all-in-one. Photo: GettyImages.

Having a stable partner early on means that you’ve built yourself a firm support system: your family and the love of your life. He/she is the one who stays by your side, encouraging you, giving you advice, listening to you, helping you whenever you may need. He/she would become a part of your family, a great friend, your soulmate! You even never feel lonely, unless you need some private time and want to stay alone for a while!

You’ll avoid one annoying question

Now you aren’t afraid of any love questions!

You don’t have to feel awkward hearing the question from your relatives: “When will you introduce your lover to us?”! Because now you have the answer (if your relatives haven’t known it yet!), and you can give it out proudly! Now, is it such a sweet feeling?

It’s not that we urge you to have a relationship as soon as possible. That’s not something that can come right away anyway. But if you have a chance to start a good commitment early on, go for it. It may be the start of something beautiful forever after.


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