You Can Have The First Date Of Your Dream If You Do These 5 Things

Kimmy Karima |Sep 29, 2019

Preparing for the first date may make some people so anxious that they can’t even sleep. But you can stop your anxiety right now, because we have some great tips for you to have an amazing first date!

Someone in a movie might have 50 first dates, but you surely won’t have that many. So, of course, you want to leave the impression as great as possible on the one who may become your long-term partner, right?

While there may be a lot of how-to books out there to give you advice on attractiveness, it’s the simplest things that count. Which means, some seemingly little things can help you reach further than you expect. In short, you’re going to have your first date soon?

Read on; we’ll tell you the things you should do to have the second, and the third…

Doing your homework

first date
Your date may be amazed that you know something about them already.

Do you know what you should do before a job interview? Doing some research on the company, that’s what! Similarly, you’ll make a wonderful impression if you have some information about your date in advance. And you don’t have to be an investigator to be able to do that.

In this day and age, you can find almost anyone on Facebook or Instagram. Now it’s not too difficult to gain some knowledge about their job, their passions, even their habits etc. You may be surprised that you two may even have some mutual friends, through whom you’ll have more chance to know about your potential date.

Anyway, during the date, don’t overwhelm him/her with the information you’ve got, unless you want yourself to look like a spy, or worse, a stalker.

Looking unfiltered

first date
Don’t put on too much makeup.

You certainly want to look your best on the first date, but don’t go too far to the point that you look like a filtered image. Enhancing your appearance a bit to boost your confidence is great, but looking real and comfortable with yourself is more important.

So, choose a nice outfit, the one that should make you feel pleasant in, and apply mild makeup, in case you’re female. Wear a good pair of shoes so you don’t have to think of your painful feet the whole time. Then use just a bit of your favourite fragrance and believe that you’re one of the loveliest people that day.

Being cheery and funny

first date
You can make a beautiful impression just by being happy.

Everyone likes those with positive energy, so being jovial always make others feel good. The thing here is that you should keep yourself relaxed and add your humour here and there. Don’t try too hard anyway, because it would be a bit ridiculous that way.

You know someone who tries to be funny but can’t make anyone laugh, except some polite people who have to show fake smiles? You don’t want to be that someone, right? By the way, remember that being relaxed also means that talking slowly, maintaining eye contact and not fidgeting.

Being kind and polite

first date
Be generous with your compliments.

As much as you should be relaxed, being kind and polite is also necessary. That’s how you can put yourself in the best light possible. Your warm words will make your date feel cosy and easier to open up. Also, you should give them some compliments, because who doesn’t like to be praised?

Just keep those compliments sincere, and they can touch your date’s heart. Besides, listening carefully is a kind thing to do too, because it shows that you care.

Being graceful and grateful

first date
Don’t forget to say thank you.

Whether you enjoy your date or not, you should still be thankful that he/she spends time with you. This is what we call “being grateful.” So, thank your date for a nice time before you leave, no matter what. This is a very important thing, but not many people remember to do.

A simple thank-you can go a long way. It shows that you appreciate the time together and that you’re interested in another date. And above all, it shows that you’re obviously a nice person to be with, right?


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