5 Reasons Why Men And Women Have Affairs And How To Prevent It

Priyansh Ha |May 10, 2019

Given the fact that having affairs is the main reason which leads to a broken relationship, understanding why men and women cheat on their partner may prevent your marriage from falling off-track.

The more committed your relationship appears to be, the more devastated it will be finding your spouse cheating. Given the fact that having affairs is the main reason which leads to a broken relationship, understanding why men and women cheat on their partner may prevent your marriage from falling off-track.

Here are the five most popular reasons which cause people cheating and how to keep infidelity away from your relationship.

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1. Lack Of Emotional Connection

As the emotional connection between a couple is weaken, their relationship faces a higher risk of infidelity. But first, what is the emotional connection and how does it affect a relationship secure?

When a couple cares about each other feelings, willing to heal their partner’s emotional pain with all their compassion and understanding, there is a secure emotional connection between the two. On the contrary, when your feelings are not responded, your relationship is at risk as dangerous distance, and damaging arguments are inevitable.

That’s how infidelity starts shadowing over your marriage.

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2. When Friendship Goes Too Far

When our partner doesn’t respond to our emotional demand but a friend could, it will be easier for an innocent friendship unintendedly turns into an affair. In this case, your brain will release a new love chemical called dopamine whose impact is stronger than a hit of cocaine. It’s guilty but feels so good, which will make you want more.

If the emotional distance is the first step and a friendship going too far is the second one which leads you closer to a new love attraction. It’s so deceptive but powerful at the same time that you have a strong feeling that this is the true love you’ve been waiting for. 

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3. Attachment Styles Misunderstanding

As a pioneer researcher who has studied attachment theory for years, Mary Ainsworth found that there is a close link between the insecure attachment of a couple and their emotional distance from their mothers since the early age.

When a kid is left insecure, he tends to be clingy and challenging to connect with. According to Mary, that attachment style is a signal of avoidant and anxious. Just like a baby, adults have the same attachment styles in their relationship. In facts, one-third of adults have an insecure attachment style which makes their partner feel difficult to get connected to. In this case, their relationship is more vulnerable, and the risk of having an affair is higher than usual. Therefore, understanding our partner’s attachment style will help you become affair aware.  

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4. The Challenges Of Work, Kids, And Many Others

The busier we are, the more vulnerable our relationship is. Living in a dual-career marriage doubles stress on nurturing the emotional connection between a couple. Things start to slip out of control especially when they have kids. As you already get exhausted of a long working day and crazy kids, 30 or even 15 minutes is too much for an intimate talk with your partner.

Just like every muscle on your body, you need to exercise the emotional connection to maintain its strength.

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5. The Invisible Signs

In case your relationship is already in trouble, and the emotional connection between you two is colliding, the next part of being affair aware is taking actions. Ask for help!

If your relationship used to be (or being) threaten by an affair, you clearly understand how painful and destructive it can be. As it takes like forever for these emotional pains to be unhealed, there is nothing wrong to ask for help. In facts, 70% of people who have betrayal trauma from a cheating partner have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

And if you’re here just hoping for some useful tips to protect your marriage, you did! Once you keep these five reasons mind, it will be easier to nurture a healthier relationship which will never fall off track.  


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