What Makes India Stay Away From Coronavirus Outbreak?

Ankita Chetana |Mar 19, 2020

India was one of the initial countries in the world to shut down the borders and refuse entries to most tourists except for some special cases.

India has reported 169 cases positive with coronavirus while its population reaches the second-highest number over the world. With a population of over 1,3 billion, the situation of coronavirus in India seems to stay calm while there are many outbreaks of the deadly virus in the less-populated countries in Asia and Europe. So what helps this country to prevent coronavirus spread?

Immediate and serious efforts of prevention from the beginning

India truly gets out of the worst condition of coronavirus outbreak thanks to the government's timely and strict measures from the beginning. In detail, the Kerala government has used GPS technology, cameras, and smartphones to follow up the movement of an Indian family - one of the first infected cases in the country.

India Announcement For Tourists
The Indian government announces to all tourists about the testing coronavirus

They came back from Italy at the end of February and within a few days, medical staff checked all the places they had reached including banks, restaurants, churches and quickly quarantined 1,000 people who directly accessed with them.

Besides, India was also one of the first countries over the world to shut down the borders and cancel visa permits and entries for most tourists, except for some special cases. Some states such as Kerala started to control the internal border, test the temperature for passengers on cars and trains. Up to now, most of the positive cases in India come from Italian tourists when they visited Rajasthan and then spread to several other people.

On the other hand, government scientists emphasized that coronavirus in India might be controlled when the kits of virus testing increased from 20,000 in January to over 1 million recently. This supports intensely the testing process within a few days in a network of 50 national laboratories.

Demography advantage

Young Population In India
The rate of the young population in India covers a higher part

Demography is a great advantage for India in the battle against coronavirus. The young population covers a significantly bigger part than the seriously affected countries by the pandemic. The initial statistics show that young people are compatible to overcome the virus spread.

Advantage of weather

Another factor making India stay away from coronavirus spread is the weather here. India's weather is now warmer and it's about the turn of summer though there isn't any proof that higher temperatures can kill the virus. Furthermore, Indians take antibiotics widely.

India Warm Weather
Warm and hot weather is an advantage for India to combat with Covid-19

India is the biggest country to produce generic which is a kind of antibiotic processing the same recipe with the original medicine. In India, people can easily buy this medicine without a prescription from doctors. It's a concern for bearing an anti-medicine bacterium, however, it can help a lot in the situation of coronavirus.

Government policies

Right after the first recent cases inside the nation, the Indian government has enforced some regulations to prevent the coronavirus outbreak. Similar to some countries heavily affected by the deadly virus, India commanded people to limit moving. Also, they closed all schools, colleges, stadiums, supermarkets, swimming pools, gym centers, cinemas, and many other places that people could gather in a group. They also banned weddings and some general events to protect citizens from getting infected with the coronavirus.

school in india shut down
India closes all schools to prevent the coronavirus outbreak

The ratio of positive cases with coronavirus in India shows a good signal of efforts in prevention against Covid-19. All the safety measures must be implemented by both government and citizens to push the dangerous pandemic down. The report of 3 dead cases because of coronavirus warns us to always focus on the government guidelines and protect ourselves from the virus.

For the near future of stopping coronavirus in India and the world as well, let's join together and remind the others of self-protection.

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