Wedding Photographers Reveal How They Can Tell Which Marriage Won't Work Out

Ariana Linh |May 05, 2019

Marriage is an important event. But sometimes, they don't last. Wedding photographers have managed to figure out some tell-tale signs that a couple might not have their "happy ever after."

Marriage is believed to be a final destination for a relationship. Unfortunately, that's no longer seem to be the case, with some marriages lasting only a few months after the ring was put on.
Wedding photographers, be it their experience or so-called "sixth sense," has managed to figure out some tell-tale signs that a couple might not have their "happy ever after." A Reddit thread was made to archive the photographers' stories. Let's have a look at their insights.

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1. How a couple manages problems on their wedding day

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Unexpected things can happen during the wedding. Source:

One wedding photographer said that you could tell a lot about marriage with how the groom and bride tackle problems that pop up on their special day. According to his Reddit story, there was a couple who decided to throw their ceremony in a forest. Things were going fine until the bride's dress can't make it in time for the big moment. In the end, the couple couldn't care less and went with a casual look. The bride in her t-shirt and sweatpants, while the groom dawned his shirt and boxer. The photographer said the shoot was relaxing and fun. He added that the couple would be together for a long time.

2. The broom makes moves at other women

One Reddit user told the story of a broom who didn't seem to realize he was getting married. She said the groom constantly made suggestive gestures toward her and her assistant. At times, he would even lean back out of his wife's view and winked at them.

3. Cake smash

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Smearing cake on your face is fun and all, but you best get consent beforehand. You don't want to embarrass your significant other now, do you? Source:

Although this doesn't have any scientific bearings, one photographer thinks the tradition of cake smashing is one of bad omen. Smearing cream on to your beloved may seem like quirky mischief, but this user begs a differ. In his experience, that couple who played with their cake ended up divorcing. On the other hand, those with their cake intact seem to do fine in the long run. Another photographer shares the same idea. His Reddit posts said couples should understand each other enough to follow through with cake smashing. If they don't, their relationships usually end sooner than later.

4. Their behavior toward one another in time of stress

There's a lot of pressure before and during a wedding. One photographer speculates that if the couple can keep up a civil demeanor towards each other and their guests, it's an indication that they can also face any problem in the future.

5. Being "too quiet" is also a sign

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Is one person doing all the talking? Source:

A post from an ex wedding photographer retells this particular instance. The groom in this story was quiet throughout the ceremony and even weeks afterward. He didn't even smile in their wedding photos. Ultimately, they split up after a year, and the groom remarried sometime later, looking much happier with his new wife.


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