How Will Be Your Wedding Day Based On Your Zodiac Sign? (Part 1)

Kaira Immre |Aug 21, 2019

Wedding party is the happy result of a beautiful love of any couples. But all the couples maybe have a number of troubles when planning their wedding days. Follow your zodiac sign and let it guide the way to the wedding of your dreams.

Your wedding party is coming but you haven’t decided a venue, a wedding dress or a honeymoon place yet? We’re here to help you. Now, let's read a free Tarot reading and discover a celebration for your wedding day based on your zodiac sign.


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Aries, you’re the first sign of the zodiac and, therefore, accustomed to being first in… everything. This confident determination with ambition has a strong effect on everything from the ring, the place and beyond. You’ll find a way to make your wedding party the most unique.

It may be an exchange of the outfits between bride and groom, a pure white wedding dress into black one like Sarah Jessica Parker's. As a lover of new experience, you’ll surely love celebrating that day on a ranch or even inside the green forest. If one thing is certain, it’s that your wedding party will be unlike anyone else’s.


Weddin In The Roman Countryside
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Taurus is represented by the bull, so freedom, bucolic space, natural sound, and flavors are the top elements when planning the party. Therefore, a barnyard wedding is the perfect choice for you. Think about the peaceful countryside, pops of earthy greens and fragrant scent of the trees. Boom, it’s your desirable wedding day.


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Hmmm. It seems to be an impossible mission in deciding the only theme for your day because you’re symbolized by the twins. You always have infinitive ideas, questions and so on. Therefore, try not to get caught up in the contradiction and too many choices.

Moreover, to match your social and fun nature, a traditional dinner may be skipped. Instead, a ballroom in a big hotel is ideal to accommodate your large party. Or maybe a food truck! Right, a truck with various food. It’s sure that people shall dancing, laughing and eating during the whole night.


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For sensitive Cancerians, family comes first. It doesn’t mean you don’t like going out, it’s simple that you feel the most energetic and comfortable at your cozy home. Therefore, designing the wedding day as a family reunion is the keyword of your big day.

Sit down, take a pen and mark some places like a farmhouse or a boutique hotel. The atmosphere here will be close and cozy for your family. SURE.


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You’re not shy to be in the spotlight, even you love getting much others’ attention. And your wedding day is a chance to shine! Therefore, there is no doubt that your big day will be bold, memorable or even unique. Gold is certainly your color.

This day can be full of gold from statement chandeliers, wedding cakes, flatware, and crushed jewel-toned velvets. But remember that keep everything fit together, not over!


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Unlike Leo, Virgo, you don’t like being the center of the attention, right? Along with the love of nature, a rustic and green place will make you more comfortable and calm. Moreover, a palette of green and white shall match your personality than sparkling and outstanding tone.


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