Watch Out 6 New Coronavirus Symptoms According To CDC

Ankita Chetana |Apr 28, 2020

Over 26,000 people tested positive for COVID-19 in India and the number of fresh cases over the world hasn't stopped. Here are 6 new coronavirus symptoms that CDC has warned us to prepare for the pandemic.

India and several other countries have been witnessing the ongoing increase of coronavirus cases. Most of the patients have got common coronavirus symptoms such as coughing or fever but an intense amount of people didn't show the signals.

When there are more patients of COVID-19 and the pandemic changes due to the condition of each area or gene, the coronavirus symptoms also turned out to be more diverse and hard to be recognized. To help everyone awake of the deadly virus, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has delivered 6 more triggers.

See the list below:

1. Loss in sense of taste or smell

If anyone loses a sense of smell or taste, that person would have got a peculiar symptom of COVID-9. This is known as anosmia which is a temporary olfactory loss and this is an attached symptom in the patients of the disease.

Anosmia - temporary loss in smell/taste can be an early trigger of COVID-19

In Korea and Europe, especially in Britain, several patients were found related to this trigger. More shockingly, those who had this signal hadn't known that they got the virus so the danger of community transmission is at a higher risk.

2. Extreme chills

Many people may think that chills are just normal an ordinary feeling when someone catches a cold. But actually, in the time of the pandemic crisis, intense chills reflected by the other symptoms of COVID-19 can be a trigger as well.

Extreme Chill
Chills without a reason

At a sudden time, you feel cold, you should check carefully and avoid communicating with others. A recent report shows that a patient got his tooth broken after experiencing intense chills and shaking.

3. Muscle pain

The coronavirus symptoms get harder to know when even muscle pain can be called out a harsh symptom. In the US, 14.8% of patients have been suffering from muscle pain and this triggers so dangerous as it has been mostly seen in the elderly.

Muscle Pain
Muscle pain becomes a recent coronavirus symptom, especially for the elderly

When COVID-19 hits a person's cells and tissues, an inflammatory reaction of the body happens, showing muscle pain. It can occur when someone's body doesn't move or work out, causing stiffness. But the milder cases haven't performed this trigger while the more severe infections show off widely.

4. Headache

It seems to be very normal when someone gets a headache whether they have the flu or respiratory infection. As per the latest research, persistent pain with a devitalizing headache or temple/eyelid pressure can be a signal of the pandemic. So whenever you have this trigger, don't hesitate to contact the medical center.

5. Pink eye infection

Pink Eye
Eye problems also trigger COVID-19

Pink eye infection or conjunctivitis recently become a concern of the coronavirus symptoms. However, what makes everyone worry more is that it can spread to others by eye droplets apart from respiratory or nasal fluids. A study from JAMA ophthalmology has reported that a COVID-19 patient got pink eye problems.

6. Sore throat with dry cough

You may wonder that this is one of the first coronavirus symptoms declared earlier and why sore throat is a new trigger. Initially, people care more for those who got cough sprees (coughing with fluids). Nonetheless, when the virus attacks people stronger, a dry cough also triggers the presence of the virus inside.

Sore Throat
Dry cough with a sore throat

Nearly 60% of infected cases of COVID-19 are seen to suffer from sore throat. Many of them have a typical dry cough as one of the coronavirus symptoms.

No matter how old you are, where you are from, whether you have had any health issue or not, coronavirus can attack you every time. Don't lose any information related to this pandemic to help yourself and others be out of this deadly virus.

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