Vaping Wedding Photos, The Hottest And Weirdest Wedding Trend You Should Know

Priyansh Ha |Jul 26, 2019

This vaping wedding photo trend is definitely the most unfavorable thing you’ve seen this entire summer, check it out!

If you think the Cats trailer or series of Miley Cyrus’s twerking video with hashtag #Hotgirlsummer are the worst things we can find on the internet, you're dead wrong! Some crazy things have just come and taken over the title. No doubt, this vaping wedding photo trend is the most unfavorable thing you’ve seen this entire summer. 

Vaping Couple
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Scrolling down Twitter feed, you can quickly run into some tweets that represent this whole generation. There is a tweet from user @CuteCherryBitch which reads “Did y’all know vaping wedding photos were a real thing? you do”. The tweet goes along with four photos in which the couple is seen passionately ripping Juuls while taking their wedding pictures.

Vaping Couple 2
Source: Twitter

Speaking of vaping wedding photos, this is not the first time they appear on the internet. The news has been all over the place back in Feb as one of the latest wedding trends. The photos are extremely annoying to see, but if you can stand it, they are right there: 

Vaping Couple 3
Source: Twitter

If after running through all these pictures and the first thing that came into your mind were “Ehh, Is that all? I wanna see more clouds and wedding gowns!” Fortunately, there are a lot more wedding photos with smoking clouds out there! Have fun!

Vaping Couple 24jpg
Source: Twitter

Your point of view on these photos defines you and speaks about you as a person. I’m not saying that it is a shame if you like this trend. There will be a lot of people who share the same thought with you. Therefore, please respond to my to-vape-or-not-to-vape poll to see how many people are with you. 

Vape Wedding 1
Source: Vaping

Vaping Trend Is On Full Swing

Thinking that these photos are the dawn and also the twilight of this vaping wedding trend? You are wrong again! Wedding planners are super sensible with the trend. They now offer full-on etiquette guides for a stunning vaping wedding photo album.

You have to consider many style options when taking vaping wedding photos. For example, choose a background with dark colors so that the smoking clouds can contrast beautifully, duh.  


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