8 Unique Valentine’s Day Date Ideas 2020 Will Shine Your Valentine

Rose Advani |Feb 13, 2020

Here are Valentine’s day date ideas that make your valentine different and unforgettable. Both you can opt for doing something news as instead of buying chocolate, both you can make it yourself and enjoy it!

2020 Valentine’s Day, the couple should do something new as a strong mark for your love in the first year of the new decade. Don’t be too stressful with the budget plan to make this valentine special. Here are 8 unique Valentine’s day date ideas that surely create you an unforgettable Valentine’s Day 2020.

Chocolate Making

This Valentine, if you temporarily forget buying chocolate from stores, you can try booking a chocolate-making class where you and your love can get a great experience of making chocolate yourself. How interesting the process will be!

Making Chocolate together

Someone will say that they have not enough time to do that. However, as an idiom, happiness is a journey, not the result. With the interesting moment you get, you know how important your love is and both you will have memorable moments on 2020 Valentine’s Day.

A Paint Class

If making chocolate is not your favorite thing, you should join a paint and sip class together. You and your partner will make a masterpiece of love here. You imagine that you can slip a wine or a cocktail that made your self and enjoy your painting. Such an incredible thing in your life!

Painting together

A Bondfire

Bondfire is not only great for a group of friends but an ideal dating for a couple. You should prepare some chocolates, marshmallows, and coffee and take a night date with a bonfire on the beach. This idea is so great. There is only an obstacle that your dating will be postponed if it rains. Don’t worry, you can switch off for another plan as staying at home for watching a favorite movie is an example!

A Bonfire Dating

A Ghost Tour

Instead of experiencing sweet things on Valentine’s day, why don’t you try something thrilling together? By this way, you might find a strong shoulder that protecting you away from your fear. You can find some spooky events to try testing your bravery.

A Ghost Tour

Ice Skating

If you are good at ice skating, why don’t you guide your partner for this? This activity will shorten the distance between you and your partner and both you will get closer to each other. It does not matter if you fall on the ice that hard earnings make you respect it more.

Ice Skating

A Tour of Favorite Places

This valentine, both you should take a tour somewhere far from home and enjoy the journey. The tip here is putting favorite places in a box and accidentally picking up the selected place. By this way, the picked place will surprise you. Now, just enjoy the new place with new food, new destinations, and new activity to chill out on this special day of love.

Go somewhere both you love

A Trip to the Candy Store

Trust us! Candy store will melt the heart of any girl in the world. On Valentine’s day, you should take your girl to the candy store instead of buying some and give her as a gift. It’s more fun when buying candy together and tastes various flavors of candy. Finally, together with picking up your favorite candy and snack for the next few weeks.

Trip to a candy store

A Movie Night at Home

Watching a movie must be a cinema! Not really, if both you love the intimate space together, you should set up a themed dinner and a movie night at home together. Let’s imagine that both you get ready with a big plate of homemade spaghetti and meatballs and watch your favorite and do whatever you like without caring whether they disturb someone or not!

Enjoy a dinner and watch a movie at home together

You completely can make your valentine’s day different without a huge budget with these unique Valentine’s day date ideas. Just take a little change, then both you will enjoy a big day with surprising and unforgettable moments.

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