Should You Say Yes To A Cliché Valentine's Proposal?

Salena Harshini |Feb 13, 2020

Should you say yes to a proposal on the eve of romance day? If you are having trouble making up your mind, read our articles for some probably-helpful advice.

Valentine's Proposal - Romantic or Cliché Practice?

Talking about a proposal on Valentine’s Day, there will be adverse opinions coming from the feminine side. While some would laud about how romantic it would be to be proposed on the eve of Valentine, others would think it’s cliche and would give some groans and eye-rolling towards it.

To answer your question about whether you should give a nod to a Valentine’s proposal, we have gathered some arguments that you may find helpful here.

Should: It’s romantic & special

"He proposed to me on Valentine's Day". It is the storyline of high concept that can be told within ten seconds through the phone. Within one day after the proposal, man will appear just like a hero in the eyes of his fiancé’s family and friends.

To some people, it doubles the romance to propose on Valentine's Day.

Should: More joy to come

By getting proposed on February 14, you will probably have the chance to enjoy this holiday more for years to come. It is particularly true if you are a person who would deem Valentine’s Day as a stupid and synthetic day.

In fact, the eve of Valentine ranks second as the most popular day for engagement, only after Christmas Day.

It is not necessarily bad because unlike combining Christmas, the tones of Valentine’s Day and Anniversary are very compatible.

How to say Yes in a romantic way?

And now the question is, if you want to say Yes, how should you do it as a decent girl?

In fact, you can easily spot signs of his proposal even before it's coming. When you already get some clues about this, be prepared! Here are some tips not to ruin this important event but to make it your most memorable day in life!

Make your Yes special, just like the way you are!

  • Start thinking of what you will say at that moment
  • Do manicure now! Let him cherish your soft hand while putting the ring on it.
  • Get him a special chocolate box. Instead of nodding instantly and saying Yes verbally, just subtly give him a sweet chocolate box and place a kiss on his lips. No words, but both of you get it.

Shouldn't: Propose day should be unique

Valentine’s Day is deemed as an international day, which is kind of evidently true in every way. Meanwhile, the proposal day anniversary is important to the insiders and it is no doubt that it should be as authentic and unique as possible.

Proposing on Valentine’s Day most likely makes your proposal day just as common as others’ anniversary and that thought would not bring so much pleasant association.

Proposal day should be one of a kind to the couple.

Shouldn't: Over-romantic things may not last long

On this day, men often try their hardest to bring the sweetest and most romantic things to their other half.

There are chances where they can be manipulated by their romantic thoughts themselves and got irrational with their decision. Therefore, the promises and amorous things men say on the proposal day would not be carried out in the future.

Shouldn't: Valentine's Day is also the day for divorce

You did not misread that. Polls have been carried out and they say many women consider divorce in this holiday season.

Should you say yes to a Valentine's proposal?

Right about the time that stores a lot of lovestruck cherubs, it reminds them how actually not in love they are. That is when they start to look for a way out. Moreover, a legal Q&A website named Avvo found out that their consumers who search for information about divorce on the site develops over 40% in the weeks near Valentine’s Day.

How to say No to Valentine's marriage proposal?

This is tough for everyone, even when you have prepared for it. In fact, you probably get hints he will get down on his knee this Valentine but you shouldn't let it happen if you plan to say No.

The first scenario is you can stop it before the awkward moment. Share with him about your thoughts on marriage at the moment, tell about your concerns so he can understand and self figure out this is not a proper time to propose. Don't make him feel like you already knew his plan.

The second scenario is when it actually happens. A lot of pressure will come, and it's very tempting to say yes, particularly in front of other people. However, be firm with your stand, hug him tight and when you're close enough, tell him you will answer in private.

Don't make it wrong in public!

If there are only two of you, you can share your true feelings while holding his hands for better mutual understanding.

So, what do you think? Is it better to or not to accept a proposal on Valentine's Day? Share your thoughts on "Should You Say Yes To A Valentine's Proposal?" in our comment section below.

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