Coolest Undercut Hairstyle Ideas For Men That You Should Give A Go

Mina Muzumdar |Jul 10, 2019

The latest trends in undercut hairstyle that make you look effortlessly cool all the time.

Are you looking for hairstyle ideas that make you look effortlessly cool all the time? Then undercut hairstyle is what you should give a go to refresh yourself in 2019. It's is clear that this modern hairstyle for men is distinctive and sophisticated. The short haircuts with undercut not only make you look amazingly dramatic but also reflect your personal traits.

New undercut hairstyle 2019

For a long time, the undercut style has been being popular all around the world and trending for almost a decade. However, over the year the short on the side and long on top haircut have found a way to make it fresh. The undercut hairstyle 2019 has a lot in the transformation and here we suggest the perfect style that most suitable for you.

Undercut on short hair

The undercut is a short to medium haircut which reflects the contrast between the top and the side. Nevertheless, there are many variations from its original style that fit for even short hair. In fact, short haircuts with undercut might be simple but it fits nicely for all occasions.

undercut hairstyle short
Karan Johar prefers undercut hairstyle short.

Undercut hairstyle with long hair

Basically, the undercut works well regardless of hair length, but the more contrast between the top and the side, the more striking you look. If you're interested in changing up your everyday hairstyle for a fresher look in 2019, you should give this a try.

 undercut hairstyle long hair
Ranveer Singh who is well-known for his eccentric style often be seen with undercut hairstyle with long hair.

Undercut hairstyle for round face

In a tradition undercut, it's a particular style for a more angular face shape like diamond-shaped faces but not round or oblong faces. Moreover, this hairstyle tends to make the face look smooth and less boxy. The new undercut hairstyle 2019 have some expansion of the style that even round-face can experiment. The key here is to add the volume at the top (so it's best not to try for thin hair) because this won't make your face look rounder but create more angles.

undercut hairstyle boy
The undercut hairstyle boy of Bollywood Arjun Kapoor.

Disconnected undercut

Among all the variety of undercut hairstyle for boy and men available today, the disconnected undercut is the most noticeable and dramatic style. From undercut hairstyle Asian to undercut hairstyle Indian, there are some slight differences.

A disconnected undercut has two separate parts while requiring an adequate volume on the top to create a noticeable cut. This hairstyle seems to go well for Indian because we have thick and coarse hair which is easy to be layered.

Undercut hairstyle men
Undercut hairstyle men

How to take care of undercut hairstyle?

It's true that you need regular and proper maintenance if you choose the undercut hairstyle. In average, your hair will grow 2 cm in a month, therefore make your hair look quite different from the last cut and make your hair a little messy. If you prefer a clean and clear shape, you will need to visit barbershop about once a month.

undercut hairstyle
There are many versions of the undercut.

For a touch-up, you can tell your barber to trim it to the previous length, either than that, you can have a fresher look by getting the side to be trimmed while maintaining the length on top. Alternatively, you have another option is to try entirely new hairstyle such as the Mohawk style or touch up by adding some color.

For styling, you can add volume to have an eye-catching hairstyle by either mousse or blow drying (naturally you can try both). There are many versions of undercut that you can try today even though this hairstyle requires extra work to maintain.


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