Easy And Effective Summer Hair Care Tips You Cannot Miss Before Stepping Outside

Priyansh Ha |Apr 28, 2019

Struggling with hair fall this summer? Tired of trying out anything and everything but nothing seems to work out? Don’t worry, here, we share some easy yet effective tips and hair care hacks you can resort to.

Just like your skin, protecting your hair from the scorching summer is challenging. Apart from sun exposure which causes your hair dry and damaged, pollution and an unhealthy lifestyle are also vicious enemies of your hair. 

However, protecting and taking care of your fragile hair turns out to be a piece of cake once you know the tricks for hair care and here are a few ones.

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A good conditioner is the first hair care product you should invest in. It’s ideal for getting a conditioner which is sunproof. However, natural sunscreen is okay as you can rub it on your hair to protect it from harmful UV radiation.

Wash Your Hair Regularly

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It is said that washing your hair too often will wash out the natural oils of your scalp which leads to dry hair. However, it’s different in the summer as you sweat a lot and it’s easy for your hair follicles to get clogged. In addition to that, it creates a favourable environment for dirt and bacteria to build up. Just remember to use conditioner and hair serum after wash to prevent your hair from losing its moisture.

Cover Your Hair

Another effective hair care tip is to cover your hair with a scarf or wide-brimmed hat whenever you’re outside. It physically prevents your hair from exposing to sun and wind. No more tangled and fragile hair!

Stay Hydrated

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Four litres of water daily intake is necessary for summer. Buttermilk, coconut and lemon water are a natural source of minerals which you lost through dehydration and sweating. In addition to that, add high water content fruits like watermelon, cucumber or tomatoes into your daily diet to gain essential minerals and nutrients.


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A healthy diet is the main factor which defines healthy and strong hair. Stay away from junk, sugary and oily foods and take in foods which are fresh and contain antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamins. It’s super easy to get clean and healthy seasonal fruit in the summer, from watermelons to citrusy fruits and salads. Having gorgeous hair and a healthy body at the same time? Perfect!


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