Handy Tips For Wedding Season: How To Make Mehndi Darker With Lemon And Kitchen Ingredients

Hanima Anand |Nov 19, 2020

Check these useful tips below on how to make henna darker with lemon and simple ingredients. You don’t want to miss these tricks this wedding season!

Whether you are a bride-to-be this year or not, you should note down these tips of how to make Mehndi darker with lemon and other raw materials to get a perfect henna look when necessary. The recipe and ingredients are very simple and mostly home-ready.

How To Make Mehndi Darker
With a lemon and some sugar, you can make your Mehndi darker and last longer.

How to make Mehndi darker with lemon

How To Make Mehndi Darker With Lemon 1
Mehndi is associated with luck and prosperity.

In the majority of pre-wedding festivities, the Mehndi ceremony takes place just one night before the wedding date, after the Haldi. Mehndi is believed to bring good luck as well as positive spirits to the wedding. The ceremony is a way of wishing the bride-to-be fortune, prosperity, and good health ahead of her marriage.

With this significance, every bride in India pays close attention to their Mehndi ceremony to assure it occurs smoothly. And to make the henna darker and retain longer, these tips below are indispensable.

You need to prepare a paste of lemon juice and sugar.

How To Make Mehndi Darker With Lemon 2
Overusing the paste of lemon juice and sugar may make your mehndi discolored.

Once your henna is dried fully, apply the paste all over your mehndi with a cotton ball. To avoid erasing the intricate designs, dab lightly, try not to rub it.

While using lemon juice and sugar mixture to dab on your hands, you may feel itchy sometimes due to the acid in the lemon. The feeling will go away when your skin is familiar with it.

Do not overuse the paste because applying too much lemon juice may make the henna discolored instead of being darker as expected.

How To Make Mehndi Darker With Lemon 3
The intricate beauty of Indian Mehndi

Other ways to make Mehndi darker with natural ingredients

Besides the tips on how to make Mehndi darker with lemon, there are other ways to give it a perfect look as well.

First, you can heat 5-6 cloves on a pan so that they release the fumes. Place your hands above the pan at a safe distance to let the fumes darken henna colour. You can also heat the clove oil to get the same result.

How To Make Mehndi Darker 4
You can heat cloves or clove oil to darken henna.

Another way is to use mustard oil or Vicks all over your hand and massage it gently. Both of these ingredients are recommended by mehndi artists to make henna darker.

The last tip on how to make henna darker uses tea or coffee mix. This must be applied before you get henna drawn on your hands. To be specific, you soak a bit tea or coffee in water then add it directly to the henna paste. The brown hues from this mix will give a deep hue to your mehndi.

Hope you find this article on how to make Mehndi darker with lemon useful. Should you know someone that will have their wedding this month, please share these tips with them.

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