Top Must-Know Skin Care Tips In Summer For A Glowing Skin

Nagini Shree |Jul 27, 2019

It is summertime; with it comes along a lot of skin care issues too. Here are skin care tips for the summer that you must follow to ensure healthy skin.

When you dream about your skin in summer, you might envision it being tanned, smooth and glowing, but the reality can be somewhat different as you tackle the risk of sweat, sunburn and premature aging due to the scorching heat.

Luckily for you, we have some expert advice on beating the heat this summer and staying beautiful. Scroll down to find out how to care face in summer naturally.

Skin care tips in summer at home

  • Exfoliate your body.
  • Do not ignore the eyes and lips.
  • Forget all but not sun protection.
  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Go for minimal makeup.

Exfoliate your body

Exfoliate your body - how to care face in summer

If you don't get rid of them, they'll just set in on your skin making you look dull and dry. Exfoliation helps buff away the dead skin cells, leaving your skin looking radiant.

However, make sure that you do not over-exfoliate your skin. Do not exfoliate every day because that can cause over scrubbing of the skin and lead to redness, rashes, and breakouts.

Do not ignore the eyes and lips

protect your eyes and lips - how to care face in summer at home

Your eyes and lips are the most exposed and the most neglected areas of your face. But remember, the skin of the eyelids and lips is the first to betray age. This sensitive skin around the eyelids and lips is subject to constant activity and is very susceptible to the negative effects of environmental factors including ultraviolet radiation in summer.

Whenever you step out of the house, make sure your eyes are covered with sunglasses and lips are loaded with sun protecting balm. Wash your eyes and lips with cold water once you come from outside.

Forget all but not sun cream


Exposure to the sun can damage your skin then form wrinkles, fine lines, sunburn, wrinkles, fine lines, and premature aging; therefore sunscreen is something you cannot forget this season.

Keep yourself hydrated

keep your body hydrated - how to care face in summer season

We lose a lot of water during these hot summer days so it is important to top it up. Water is the source of hydration for your body and dehydrated skin means pre-mature aging, acne, puffiness, wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity and more. We are sure you do not want to be on the receiving end when it comes to these skin troubles. The key to looking gorgeous during summer is to keep your body fully hydrated.

Drink lots of water and don’t forget to carry a water bottle with you wherever you go. Ideally, drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day and include lots of fresh juices and fruits with high water content in your diet.

Go for minimal makeup

Thick, heavy foundations and moisturizers teamed with sweat will clog up pores and create a favorable home for bacteria in the skin. When it comes to makeup during summer months, try to go minimal because your skin needs to breathe when the weather is super hot and humid. 

The free radicals and pollutants in the air stick onto the face over the makeup and may clog the pores and cause breakouts and zits. Eye make is something which should be very much avoided in summers.

Avoid thick makeup in summer - skin care tips in summer

Bring these skin care tips in summer to your rescue and enjoy summers like never before!


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