5 Golden Principles You Should Keep In Mind For A Safe Online Dating

Kimmy Karima |Aug 05, 2019

As much as online dating is convenient, it’s also easy to put you in the situations you don’t want to be. So, this is a guide to what you should keep in mind if you choose to find a date online.

Online dating is getting more common these days, as it’s so convenient in this busy life. Now the whole world is in your hands, or more correctly, in your phone or computer. You don’t have to meet your date every day while you still have too many errands to run.

And, this is quite practical: you can chat up with someone and get to know him/her for a while before you decide if you want to see him/her in person or not.

Couple Love Life
Online dating can lead to real-life romance. Photo: Amansquest.

Seems like everything’s good in the online dating world, right? But no, there are still some things you should think carefully before doing if you don’t want to fall in some bad, or maybe risky, circumstances.

Don't click “Yes” to every request and invitation

Onlinedating 1
Connecting with everyone online is not a good idea. Photo: Parade.com.

No matter how desperate you are, you should not be too easy towards all approaches from strangers. That means you should not agree to connect with everyone, to widen your social circle.

There are some evil people out there too, remember? What if they get access to your photos? What if they take what you have written and post it somewhere else?

Anything could happen, so take time to find out a bit about those who send you friend requests, before you press the “Accept” button.

Don't disclose your address

Turn Off
Turning off location function is necessary. Photo: NewsTarget.

Your place is what you should hesitate before disclosing to anyone online. Many social platforms and apps have your location function on your phone/computer automatically turned on while working, so remember to switch it off.

And of course, don’t disclose your whereabouts before you trust the one on the other end of the line. Even when you have decided to have the first offline date, you still don’t need to reveal your address yet. Just choose a meeting place somewhere near, but not at your home.

Don't publicize your phone number

Phone Number
Revealing your phone number is dangerous.

Most dating and social apps have their windows for people to chat. That means you don’t have to give someone your phone number just because they want to contact you.

When you let someone know your phone number, the least evil thing that could happen is that you’ll receive some sales calls. The next bad thing is that your contact information will be given to unknown people, and from here, things will get out of control. That’s not to mention someone can hack your phone for your bank account information, for example.

So, never publicize your phone number, and never give it to a random person online.

Don't share details about your family and ex-lovers

Ex Love
You don’t have to share things about your family or past stories.

Every detail you put online can be used against you, don’t forget that. So if you tell someone about your family and ex-lovers, you’ll never know which purpose they use that information. So, put your family and past relationships aside when you start talking with someone online.

Don't share all the facts and figures about your job

Your job details should be held back too.

Telling someone your occupation is acceptable, but you don’t need to disclose all the facts and figures such as your company information or details about your boss to strangers.

Opening up too much and too soon will make the other person think there’s nothing more to find out about you. And that takes away the beauty of the early courtship.


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