The Worst First Date Idea Totally Kills Your Chance With Each Zodiac Sign

Bindhiya Nhi |Sep 28, 2019

Do not try these terrible first date ideas with each zodiac sign because no one gets a chance to create a great first impression.

Dating these days is merely a minefield as everyone finds it difficult to impress someone with their choice of a date spot. You can come up with cute coffee shops or hopeless romantic chick flicks, but then your partner will get bored quickly or even run away screaming.

Eventually, the goal of a first date is to get a second one. Thus, it should always be fun, exciting, having something in which your partner has an interest. Do not get stressed, find out their zodiac sign instead, and let it show you how to do it right.

Scroll down for the worst first date idea that you need to avoid or else it might kill your chance with your love.

Aries: Coffee Shop

Date 1

Aries is energetic, ambitious, and adventurous. To embrace this side of them, you should wow them with amazing ideas and exciting places. Do not invite them out for a cup of coffee on a first date because they find it boring and too predictable.

Taurus: Your Home

Date 2

It takes a while until a Taurus to give away their heart as they need to see the real efforts. If you invite them to your house, they might think that you are not sincere enough to come up with something romantic. Taurus set high standards in love, so make sure you pour all your thoughts into the first date.

Gemini: Amusement Park

Outdoor Date Love 2

We all know that Gemini is very friendly and dynamic. However, taking them to an amusement park on the first date might be the worst choice. When it comes to love, they love to do something sweet and romantic, not being on a scary and chaotic roller-coaster with you.

Cancer: Bar Or Club

Date 9

It does not matter how Cancer first appears; they are all introverts at heart. They hate the noisy crowd and the loudness of music in a club or a bar. If you want to leave a good impression on a Cancer, take them to somewhere calm and peaceful.

Leo: Breakfast At A Restaurant

Date 3

Because Leo is known as the foodie of the zodiac, you might want to call them early in the morning for a romantic breakfast. Nevertheless, your partner is not a morning person. Do not annoy them at the very beginning of the day; make it a dinner date instead.

Virgo: Movie

Date 4

Your partner is analytical, thoughtful, and even quite picky in love. Before they fall for you, they want to know you well, exploring and experiencing your personalities. A movie date cannot help them because both will end up remaining silent throughout the film without any actual conversation.

Libra: Concert

Date 5

A Libra appreciates the beauty in anything. Thus, they only feel comfortable when they are at their finest. They do not have a thing for music concert as it only makes them sweaty and dizzy. Moreover, they are likely to lose their concentration on your words.

Scorpio: Fancy Restaurant

Date 6

Being quite laidback and calm, a Scorpio does not need drama or fancy things to survive. They prefer a simple coffee shop instead of a luxurious restaurant. After all, they want to focus on you, not on those expensive wine bottles or romantic candle lights.

Sagittarius: Hiking

Outdoor Date Love 10

You might know that Sagittarius loves open spaces and outdoor activities. Thus, you might think that the hiking idea can en leave your crush in awe. However, remember that your partner never wants to sweat it all out on a first date like being in a gym.

Capricorn: Bowling

Date 7

Your potential lover is likely to feel annoyed if they do not get the attention they want. If you invite them out for a bowling date with your BFFs, they will instantly take a step back. They only want to have a personal moment with you, or else the jealousy will make them leave.

Aquarius: Beach

Outdoor Date Love 13

While others love to show off, your partner only likes to keep things private. A beach day sounds romantic, but an Aquarius might get stressed because they do not want to reveal their skin on a first date. If you wish to hold the key to their heart, make them feel at ease.

Pisces: Bookstore

Date 8

Your dreamy partner is likely to walk with their head in the clouds. If they are at a bookstore, they will entirely get lost in their own world. Eventually, they will fail to notice your appearance, which sounds terrible on a first date.


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